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There’s a lot of IT news and analysis out there. The IT Watch Blog has what matters to you, including breaking announcements, insider tips and unbiased opinions from the people who matter most: Real IT professionals.

About the Authors and Full Disclosure:

Ben Rubenstein is the manager of ITKnowledgeExchange.com, a technical community with over 50 expert-written technology blogs and IT question-and-answer forums. He is an experienced writer, editor and web strategist with past positions in various media and education organizations including the Chicago Sun-Times and wikiHow. Prior to joining the ITKE team, he served as the editor of SearchWindowsServer.com, part of the TechTarget network of technical sites. He holds a BS from Northwestern University and an MA from DePaul University.

He can be reached at brubenstein@techtarget.com or on Twitter at @ben_rubenstein.

Michael Tidmarsh is the Assistant Community Manager at ITKnowledgeExchange.com. He has a degree in journalism from the University of Connecticut and was an editor for UConn’s newspaper, The Daily Campus.  He has also interned at Likeable Media, a social media marketing company based in Boston.

He can be reached at mtidmarsh@techtarget.com or on Twitter at @ MrTids21.

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