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March, 2012

March 22, 2012  6:17 AM

Can Microsoft Metro make beautiful business software?

Michael Morisy Michael Morisy Profile: Michael Morisy

Taking cracks at bad business software design is beyond beating a dead horse (although I still love the famous tree swing comic), but Microsoft looks like their trying really, really hard to turn that around. Leading the charge:...

March 20, 2012  12:56 PM

Will the next great enterprise OS be Windows 8 … or the Web?

Michael Morisy Michael Morisy Profile: Michael Morisy

Well, Windows 8 is now officially slated for an October released and the earlier reviews are positive (I've downloaded the release candidate but haven't installed it yet)....

March 15, 2012  2:46 PM

Changing the way we look at the ‘wireless world’

Michael Tidmarsh Michael Tidmarsh Profile: Michael Tidmarsh

Recently I spoke with John Horn, president of RACO Wireless, about the past, present and future of wireless connectivity. RACO, a T-Mobile partner, specializes in wireless data solutions for machine-to-machine (M2M) industries, which allows wireless systems to connect with other devices.  John...

March 14, 2012  9:18 AM

Fear and Loathing in Tech Innovation

Michael Morisy Michael Morisy Profile: Michael Morisy

One story in particular drifting out of South By Southwest caught my attention: The outrage and indignity over a trial/marketing stunt program which gave Austin-area homeless individuals a 4G "hotspot" that nearby techies could log in to and browse the web, while introducing the wireless vendor and...

March 6, 2012  9:43 AM

At RSA 2012, a focus on threats within and without, persistent and ephemeral

Michael Morisy Michael Morisy Profile: Michael Morisy

RSA 2012 has come and gone from the caverns of Moscone, and I've had a (short) chance to digest this year's event, leaving a little more educated and a lot more wary about the risks facing modern IT when it comes to security. The biggest wake up call? Security expert Bruce Schneier's timely...

March 1, 2012  4:52 PM

Is Big Data poised to be Internet freedom’s biggest threat? Schneier thinks so

Michael Morisy Michael Morisy Profile: Michael Morisy

The biggest threat to Internet freedom isn't traditional "bad guys" like cyberterrorists and hacking groups, says Bruce Schneier, security researcher and author, but the slow, creeping advances of Big Data companies like Google and Amazon that are quietly...

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