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June, 2011

June 30, 2011  8:24 AM

Don’t pass the buck: Security policies straight from the community

Melanie Yarbrough Profile: MelanieYarbrough

It's a rocky landscape lately, what with Sony taking over headlines and Lockheed Martin's recent breach. We wanted to know how our members were setting...

June 28, 2011  3:40 PM

Google reaches for more pie with Google+

Melanie Yarbrough Profile: MelanieYarbrough

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June 28, 2011  12:03 AM

Yammer’s David Sacks: Product vs. Platform

Melanie Yarbrough Profile: MelanieYarbrough

Last week at Enterprise 2.0, I sat down with David Sacks, CEO of Yammer. In the description of his panel discussion, Platform vs. Product, was a mention of the fault line between traditional software offerings and platform solutions with a wide range of capabilities. However, the conclusion the...

June 22, 2011  11:16 AM

Secure the intranet by working around user workarounds

Melanie Yarbrough Profile: MelanieYarbrough

In a session entitled "Real Time Collaboration Across the Firewall," one member of the audience raised his hand to ask how to deal with end-users who don't care that...

June 21, 2011  1:18 PM

Is there a place for IT at Enterprise 2.0?

Melanie Yarbrough Profile: MelanieYarbrough

Today's my first day at the Enterprise 2.0 Conference in Boston. I've listened to a couple keynotes and attended a couple sessions. What struck me most was the hostility being paraded toward IT departments. I caught the first half of Kevin Jones's Enterprise 2.0 Failures session, where he stressed...

June 20, 2011  2:56 PM

Community-endorsed: Tech Twitter and Blogs

Melanie Yarbrough Profile: MelanieYarbrough

We cast the net, asking where IT Knowledge Exchange members get their latest...

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June 14, 2011  12:56 PM

IT security starts in your pocket

Melanie Yarbrough Profile: MelanieYarbrough

My friends sometimes tease me about having to enter a passcode just to play games on my iPhone. But the truth is, Angry Birds isn't the only thing hanging out on my home screen, so I need to be extra careful with who can access that information. Granted, a measly little four-digit passcode won't...

June 14, 2011  5:55 AM

Could you survive getting Palin’d?

Michael Morisy Michael Morisy Profile: Michael Morisy

After years of waiting, the Associated Press (and other media outlets) finally received the results of their...

June 8, 2011  3:14 PM

From Google to SecurID to iCloud: Top Tech Stories

Melanie Yarbrough Profile: MelanieYarbrough

Here at the Enterprise IT Watch blog, we try to up with the latest news in enterprise IT to keep you updated on the goings-on in your neck of the woods. Usually our posts focus on our theme month topics, but not everything new in IT follows our schedule (despite our many efforts). To make up for...

June 7, 2011  7:48 AM

From Dropbox to Apple’s iCloud: The Trend of Accessibility

Melanie Yarbrough Profile: MelanieYarbrough

It seems the latest trend of enterprise IT is to adopt whatever's hot in consumer tech, although usually because of necessity and security rather than by choice. The latest spinoff of the should-we/shouldn't-we debate over mobile gadgets is the question of online or

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