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February, 2011

February 7, 2011  11:25 PM

Cloud security standards commissioned from the NIST by America’s CIO

Melanie Yarbrough Profile: MelanieYarbrough

In an effort to increase government adoption of cloud computing, America's CIO Vivek Kundra commissioned the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) to create the Guidelines...

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February 3, 2011  3:38 PM

IT Security: Oversharing in the Forums?

Melanie Yarbrough Profile: MelanieYarbrough

Member Batye recently...

February 2, 2011  3:59 PM

Ex-Salesforce.com exec simplifies cloud security with Okta

Melanie Yarbrough Profile: MelanieYarbrough

Despite the progress SaaS has made in the enterprise, security concerns remain a hindrance to the growth of the market. Enter former Salesforce.com executive, Tod McKinnon, now CEO of Okta, with a lofty goal: To accelerate enterprise adoption of cloud and...

February 1, 2011  9:22 AM

Securing your cloud the Facebook way

Michael Morisy Michael Morisy Profile: Michael Morisy

While cloud computing isn't necessarily moving IT security into uncharted waters, it is highlighting some old vulnerabilities that many organizations just never got around to patching up, from shoddy encryption practices to allowed poor user practices. Leading the way, in both stumbles and...

February 1, 2011  7:26 AM

Veracode offers free Cross-site scripting (XSS) check tool

Melanie Yarbrough Profile: MelanieYarbrough

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