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October 15, 2018  10:31 AM

TechTarget’s weekly roundup (10/8 – 10/15)

Michael Tidmarsh Michael Tidmarsh Profile: Michael Tidmarsh
ArcServe, Artificial intelligence, Cloud Services, cybersecurity, Data protection

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How has your company used assistive AI to improve existing processes? Find out why focusing on augmented human intelligence may yield the best business results in this week’s roundup.

1. Augmented human intelligence: Using AI to streamline business process – Kassidy Kelley (SearchCIO)

CIOs are under tremendous pressure to use AI technologies. A recent survey shows why focusing on augmented human intelligence may yield the best business results.

2. Paul Vixie wants to stop malicious domains before they’re created – Rob Wright (SearchSecurity)

Farsight Security’s Paul Vixie says his company’s new research into domain name lifespans and causes of death shows the need for new policies and action to curb malicious domains.

3. PyTorch 1.0 brings developers closer to cloud services – Darryl Taft (SearchSoftwareQuality)

The release candidate version 1.0 of Facebook’s PyTorch deep learning framework enables developers to more easily include machine learning in their applications.

4. ONUG conference to highlight cybersecurity and data protection – Jennifer English (SearchSoftwareQuality)

At the ONUG fall conference on Oct. 22 to 23, attendees will learn how enterprises can secure assets in a digital economy and how automation, cybersecurity and data protection fit in.

5. Arcserve cloud platform eyes comprehensive business continuity – Paul Crocetti (SearchDisasterRecovery)

The Business Continuity Cloud brings together the spectrum of Arcserve’s technologies. Through the web-based user interface, users can perform most jobs in a few clicks.

October 8, 2018  11:45 AM

TechTarget’s weekly roundup (10/1 – 10/8)

Michael Tidmarsh Michael Tidmarsh Profile: Michael Tidmarsh
Big Data, Cloudera, Data Science, Facebook, GDPR, hortonworks, IBM

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How do you think the merger of Cloudera and Hortonworks will affect your use of Hadoop? Find out why the new company may be more competitive with AWS and Google in this week’s roundup.

1. Cloudera-Hortonworks merger narrows Hadoop users’ options – Jack Vaughan (SearchDataManagement)

Hadoop users will have fewer choices as big data rivals Cloudera and Hortonworks unite. But the new company may be more competitive with AWS and Google.

2. Facebook GDPR fate uncertain following data breach – Michael Heller (SearchSecurity)

Facebook’s GDPR consequences are still up in the air following a data breach, as Irish regulators are waiting on more information before determining if the social network will face a fine.

3. Finding internal data science talent: The right stuff – Andy Metzger (SearchCIO)

Fierce competition for data science talent means that CIOs need to look internally for the requisite skills. On the list: curiosity, domain expertise, emotional intelligence.

4. IBM pushes automation, NLP in Cognos Analytics 11.1 update – Mark Labbe (SearchBusinessAnalytics)

Cognos Analytics’ new features include an AI assistant that responds in natural language, predictive analytics capabilities and tools for better data storytelling.

5. Kaseya cloud backup expands with Spanning acquisition – Johnny Wu (SearchDataBackup)

Kaseya’s cloud backup capabilities now extend to Office 365, Salesforce and G Suite, thanks to the acquisition of cloud-to-cloud backup specialist Spanning Cloud Apps.

October 1, 2018  8:18 AM

TechTarget’s weekly roundup (9/24 – 10/1)

Michael Tidmarsh Michael Tidmarsh Profile: Michael Tidmarsh
Artificial intelligence, Azure, Data backup, Machine learning, Nasuni, SQL Server

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Do you agree that machine learning will help solve security problems? Find out why many security pros think AI and machine learning are the keys to many of the issues they face in this week’s roundup.

1. AI and machine learning expected to solve security problems – Madelyn Bacon (SearchSecurity)

A global Ponemon survey of security professionals found that many believe artificial intelligence and machine learning technology will improve enterprise and IoT security.

2. SQL Server 2019 preview brings Hadoop, Spark and AI into DBMS – Jack Vaughan (SearchSQLServer)

A SQL Server 2019 preview brings Hadoop and Spark into the fold, positioning the database as an all-purpose data portal. Azure Cosmos DB also gets an update.

3. Nasuni storage adds lower-cost cloud archive service option – Carol Sliwa (SearchStorage)

Newly packaged Nasuni Cloud File Services offers a low-cost archive option as part of an effort to expand beyond high-end NAS and collaboration into traditional file and archive workloads.

4. Microsoft embraces Azure cloud platform as its strategic heart – Ed Scannell (SearchCloudComputing)

Microsoft’s showcase of Azure-based offerings asserts the cloud at the heart of the company’s future, and further cements its position against cloud archrival AWS.

5. Imanis Data 4.0 introduces autonomous backups, NoSQL support – Johnny Yu (SearchDataBackup)

Imanis enables the protection of NoSQL databases with no human intervention through new SmartPolicies, along with automated RPO-based backup and improved ransomware detection.

September 24, 2018  9:40 AM

TechTarget’s weekly roundup (9/17 – 9/24)

Michael Tidmarsh Michael Tidmarsh Profile: Michael Tidmarsh
Artificial intelligence, Cisco, DevOps, Human Resources

Computer security image via FreeImages

How do you manage digital risk with DevOps security? Find out how DevSecOps can transform IT in time to avert disaster in this week’s roundup.

1. DevOps security takes on the dark side of digital transformation – Beth Pariseau (SearchITOperations)

Without better organizational discipline, digital businesses are at risk for massively disruptive data breaches and attacks. Can DevSecOps transform IT in time to avert disaster?

2. NSS Labs lawsuit takes aim at CrowdStrike, Symantec and ESET – Rob Wright (SearchSecurity)

In an antitrust lawsuit, NSS Labs accused some of the top antimalware vendors in the industry, including CrowdStrike and Symantec, of conspiring to undermine its testing efforts.

3. Credit card giants step up AI fraud detection – Mark Labbe (SearchEnterpriseAI)

While Capital One and Mastercard delve into AI and machine learning to detect credit card fraud, IBM joins the ranks of AI vendors with AI bias detection tools.

4. At HR Technology Conference, Walmart says virtual reality works – Patrick Thibodeau (SearchHRSoftware)

Virtual reality may be on the cusp of mainstream adoption for HR. It provides an engaging learning experience for employees, according to one early adopter: Walmart.

5. New Cisco headsets, room displays integrate with Webex – Jonathan Dame (SearchUnifiedCommunications)

Cisco expanded its endpoint portfolio this week with the release of new wireless Cisco headsets and room displays.

September 17, 2018  8:05 AM

TechTarget’s weekly roundup (9/10 – 9/17)

Michael Tidmarsh Michael Tidmarsh Profile: Michael Tidmarsh
hortonworks, Human Resources, Trend Micro, Veeam

Computer Application image via FreeImages

What do you think of how Trend Micro is handling the situation? Find out why the company’s latest admission raises even more questions in this week’s roundup.

1. Trend Micro apps fiasco generates even more questions – Michael Heller (SearchSecurity)

In addition to other Trend Micro apps banished from the Mac App Store for gathering data inappropriately, the company has admitted to publishing the Open Any Files app.

2. Containers key for Hortonworks alliance on big data hybrid – Jack Vaughan (SearchDataManagement)

Hortonworks is joining with Red Hat and IBM to work together on a hybrid big data architecture format that will run using containers both on the cloud and on premises.

3. HR chatbots from Google, IBM to be in the spotlight at HR Tech 2018 – Patrick Thibodeau (SearchHRSoftware)

The growing use of AI-related technologies in HR may increase reliance on big tech vendors. But that isn’t keeping the smaller vendors from developing their own tools.

4. CEO: Veeam database exposure fixed, investigation launched – Paul Crocetti (SearchDataBackup)

Veeam co-CEO Peter McKay said there’s ‘no excuse’ for the exposure of a marketing database and millions of email addresses. He said the company is being proactive in its response.

5. Federal privacy regulations usher in the age of tech lawmakers – Kassidy Kelley (SearchCIO)

Big tech and privacy advocates are lobbying for dramatically different federal data privacy rights. CIOs should pay attention to whom — and what — the legislation seeks to regulate.

September 10, 2018  7:03 AM

TechTarget’s weekly roundup (9/3 – 9/10)

Michael Tidmarsh Michael Tidmarsh Profile: Michael Tidmarsh
Big Data, Hybrid cloud, Pivot3, Tor, VMware

Website security image via FreeImages

Do you use the Tor network? Check out why the anonymity of Tor is under scrutiny once again in this week’s roundup.

1. Misconfigured Tor sites leave public IP addresses exposed – Michael Heller (SearchSecurity)

The anonymity of Tor is once again under scrutiny, as a researcher finds misconfigured Tor sites can expose the public IP address connected to a dark web site.

2. Big data tooling rolls with the changing seas of analytics – Jack Vaughan (SearchDataManagement)

Hadoop data tooling is expanding, as described In this news analysis. A view holds that Hadoop is moving from alternate data warehousing to full-fledged big data analytics offering.

3. Pivot3 storage moves toward composable capabilities – Garry Kranz (SearchConvergedInfrastructure)

CEO Ron Nash said Pivot3 and NexGen Storage are integrated as a single code base. NexGen gives Pivot3 automated QoS and dynamic provisioning for multi-cloud enterprises.

4. VMware extends its hybrid cloud platform to the edge – Ed Scannell and Nick Martin (SearchServerVirtualization)

VMware pulled back the curtain on some next-generation software that promises to bring the capabilities of its VMware Cloud on AWS to on-premises data centers.

5. VMware Project Dimension to deliver managed HCI, edge networking – Antone Gonsalves (SearchNetworking)

VMware’s lightweight hyper-converged infrastructure system, called Project Dimension, includes the vendor’s SD-WAN. The HCI appliance is aimed at retailers and manufacturers.

September 4, 2018  8:48 AM

TechTarget’s weekly roundup (8/27 – 9/3)

Michael Tidmarsh Michael Tidmarsh Profile: Michael Tidmarsh
Android, Data protection, Panasas, VMware

Cloud Computing image via FreeImages

With an eye on the multi-cloud market, VMware acquired third-party SaaS provider CloudHealth Technologies. Check out the details of the deal in this week’s roundup.

1. VMware swallows CloudHealth with eye on multi-cloud market – Kristin Knapp (SearchCloudComputing)

VMware wants to simplify management of complex multi-cloud environments — this time through the acquisition of third-party SaaS provider CloudHealth.

2. Fortnite vulnerability on Android causes disclosure tension – Michael Heller (SearchSecurity)

Epic Games patched a Fortnite vulnerability in its Android installer, but Google’s disclosure policy comes under fire once again as Epic Games’ founder called the disclosure ‘irresponsible.’

3. JetStream Data Protection safeguards data on the cloud – Johnny Yu (SearchDataBackup)

JetStream’s Data Protection product uses continuous data capture technology to bring data resiliency to the cloud software company’s data management platform.

4. Add web content personalization to your marketing strategy – Rowena Lindsay (SearchCRM)

Josh Mueller, global head of marketing at Dun & Bradstreet, talks about how quality data drives innovative marketing solutions such as web content personalization and AI chatbots.

5. Panasas storage roadmap includes route to software-defined – Garry Kranz (SearchStorage)

Panasas network-attached storage targets enterprises with large file workloads distributed across many users. ActiveStor hybrid arrays run the PanFS parallel file system.

August 27, 2018  8:21 AM

TechTarget’s weekly roundup (8/20 – 8/27)

Michael Tidmarsh Michael Tidmarsh Profile: Michael Tidmarsh
Android, Artificial intelligence, Cisco, Cohesity, Data Science

Data science image via FreeImages

What is your company’s policy around storing employee data? In this week’s roundup, one expert thinks that privacy policies often leave out protections for employees.

1. Laura Noren advocates data science ethics for employee info – Michael Heller (SearchSecurity)

Expert Laura Norén believes companies should be held to standards of data science ethics both when it comes to customer data and also for the data collected about employees.

2. New Cohesity backup adds Helios SaaS management – Johnny Yu (SearchDataBackup)

The new Cohesity SaaS app lets users view, manage and make changes to secondary data and applications across multiple clusters through a single dashboard.

3. Approaches for embedding human ethics in AI systems – Brian Holak (SearchCIO)

Instilling ethics in AI systems is a low priority for CIOs aiming to harness the power of machine intelligence. That’s a mistake, warned Darin Stewart at the Gartner Catalyst event.

4. Cisco wants to help developers build Webex integrations – Jonathan Dame (SearchUnifiedCommunications)

Cisco has revamped the Cisco DevNet page for Webex Meetings. The development of additional Webex integrations should make the platform more attractive to businesses.

5. Google’s OEMConfig could propel Android in business – Alyssa Provazza (SearchMobileComputing)

If more EMM platforms support more types of Android devices, IT departments and business users are set to benefit.

August 20, 2018  9:26 AM

TechTarget’s weekly roundup (8/13 – 8/20)

Michael Tidmarsh Michael Tidmarsh Profile: Michael Tidmarsh
CIO, IBM, Quantum, SAP, Security

Code image via FreeImages

Have you seen trends in the type of malware or attacks being attempted on your organization? Check out what one expert has noticed in malware/ransomware code in this week’s roundup.

1. Amanda Rousseau talks about computer forensics investigations – Michael Heller (SearchSecurity)

Amanda Rousseau, aka Malware Unicorn, discusses her time in computer forensics investigations with the DoD, as well as the joys of reverse engineering malware encryption by hand.

2. IBM DS8882F converges array and mainframe in one rack – Dave Raffo (SearchStorage)

IBM skinny mainframes add a few pounds with the DS8882F all-flash array screwed into the IBM Z ZR1 and LinuxOne Rockhopper II 19-inch racks.

3. New Quantum backup appliance brings Veeam to tape – Johnny Yu (SearchDataBackup)

Integrated disk backup appliances are now common, but Quantum and Veeam have taken the converged architecture to tape backups to eliminate the need for a dedicated external server.

4. SAP Concur creates Slack bot for booking flights – Jonathan Dame (SearchUnifiedCommunications)

SAP Concur has created a Slack bot for booking travel and reporting expenses, as Slack doubles down on an approach to team collaboration centered on third-party integrations.

5. GE rumors highlight digital culture hardship for CIOs – Nicole Laskowski (SearchCIO)

The rumors that GE is putting pieces of its vaunted GE Digital unit on the chopping block spread like wildfire. True or not, here’s why CIOs should be taking notes.

August 13, 2018  8:18 AM

TechTarget’s weekly roundup (8/6 – 8/13)

Michael Tidmarsh Michael Tidmarsh Profile: Michael Tidmarsh
BGP, Data breach, DevOps, Oracle, SAP

Payment image via FreeImages

How does your organization ensure payment systems are secure? Check out how researchers discovered a new wave of BGP hijacking attacks that are targeting payment systems in this week’s roundup.

1. BGP hijacking attacks target payment systems – Michael Heller (SearchSecurity)

Researchers discovered a wave of BGP hijacking attacks aimed at DNS servers related to payment processing systems in an apparent effort to steal money from unsuspecting users.

2. SAP S/4HANA Cloud update adds functionality for two industries – Dave Bernard (SearchSAP)

SAP focuses on manufacturing and professional services with the new features it’s adding to S/4HANA Cloud. The enhancements are a continuation of what SAP calls ‘intelligent ERP.’

3. Missouri hospital sued over medical records breach – Makenzie Holland (SearchHealthIT)

A lawsuit has been filed against Children’s Mercy Hospital after the medical records of more than 60,000 patients were potentially compromised as a result of a phishing scam.

4. Enterprise IT struggles with DevOps for mainframe – Beth Pariseau (SearchITOperations)

Mainframe automation tools are nascent, and many mainframe experts are reluctant to embrace DevOps. But large enterprises must address legacy platforms to realize app delivery goals.

5. Oracle Autonomous Database Cloud gets transaction processing – Craig Stedman (SearchOracle)

Oracle launched a transaction processing version of Autonomous Database, a cloud-based platform that automates configuration and management of Oracle databases.

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