Climbing the IT Career Ladder:

August, 2011

August 29, 2011  9:16 AM

‘Please Listen Carefully, Since Our Menu Options Have Changed’

Robin Robin "Roblimo" Miller Profile: Robin "Roblimo" Miller

Really? I last called you an hour ago. Have they changed since then? How about I hang up, wait 10 minutes, and call you again. Same message! Wow. I'm starting to think a lot of companies have people who do nothing, all day long, but change phone messages. Why don't they have those people answer...

August 24, 2011  12:58 PM

The 25 Best Consulting Firms to Work For

Robin Robin "Roblimo" Miller Profile: Robin "Roblimo" Miller

Most of the time, when we talk about "consulting," we mean going into business for ourselves, working for local businesses -- or for businesses, not necessarily local, that need special expertise we've acquired. But there are also consulting...

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August 22, 2011  2:31 PM

Finding a Job That Won’t Be Outsourced Next Year

Robin Robin "Roblimo" Miller Profile: Robin "Roblimo" Miller

Technically, I'm talking about offshoring rather than outsourcing. But, either way, I'm worried about job stability for you. The idea that you might find a job you like this year, only to...

August 17, 2011  12:54 PM

Geographic Information Systems: an IT Job Niche Worth Exploring

Robin Robin "Roblimo" Miller Profile: Robin "Roblimo" Miller

GIS isn't a brand-new field. But, like "cloud computing," most people aren't sure what it really means. So, assuming you want to become a GIS specialist, what should you study? And what credentials, if any, should you obtain?...

August 15, 2011  10:52 AM

Is It Time to Become an Android Developer?

Robin Robin "Roblimo" Miller Profile: Robin "Roblimo" Miller

Android phones may have overtaken Apple's iPhones in the marketplace. Then again, maybe they haven't. And to...

August 11, 2011  12:12 PM

Can DDoS Protection Make Your Job More Secure?

Robin Robin "Roblimo" Miller Profile: Robin "Roblimo" Miller

Anything you do to keep your company's website and email running 24/7 makes you look good -- possibly even indispensible. And in today's job climate that's a very good way to look.

August 8, 2011  2:11 PM

Improve Your People Skills for Even More Fun and Profit

Robin Robin "Roblimo" Miller Profile: Robin "Roblimo" Miller

The title of my April 12, 2011 IT Ladder post was Improve Your People Skills for Fun and Profit. Today we have more...

August 3, 2011  3:12 PM

The Employment Interview

Robin Robin "Roblimo" Miller Profile: Robin "Roblimo" Miller

It seems that the idea of the employment interview is older than we thought -- and that it was just as much of a PIA for our ancestors as it is for us.[kml_flashembed movie="" width="425" height="350" wmode="transparent" /] And now, for...

August 1, 2011  9:22 AM

Beware of the Patent Trap, Software Entrepreneur

Robin Robin "Roblimo" Miller Profile: Robin "Roblimo" Miller

You are s-o-o brilliant! Your new application is going to save millions of people millions of hours and dollars. It's selling well enough that you're thinking about buying a better car. And then the letter from a lawyer comes, accusing you of patent infringement and demanding a payment far larger...

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