Live Chat: Get your virtual desktop questions answered by experts Brian Madden and Gabe Knuth

December 6, 2011  12:10 PM

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Brian Madden Brian Madden Profile: Brian Madden

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November 9, 2011  2:09 PM

Live Chat: Get your virtual desktop questions answered by experts Brian Madden and Gabe Knuth

Brian Madden Brian Madden Profile: Brian Madden

We all know that desktop virtualization is a great way to extend corporate desktops out of the office and into the world for users no matter where they are. But doing this introduces a lot of challenges. How do you deal with remote protocol performance? What about latency and packet loss? Or bandwidth? How about security and encryption? Will that require more bandwidth and slow things down? And of course, if you centralize your desktops, how do you handle failover & high availability?

If you want to get questions like this answered, join industry experts Gabe Knuth & Brian Madden along with Charlie Cano, Sr Solution Architect for F5 for this online live chat. You can submit your own questions to the experts and learn what you need to know about how to extend desktop virtualization across the WAN.

Key Takeaways:

  • WAN acceleration can be a valuable tool for making VDI work in situations where it might not have worked under ordinary circumstances.
  • Effective load balancing will help you make the most of valuable server resources.
  • Beyond simply ensuring that a VDI implementation can work in the first place, streamlining the user experience through Single Sign-On and other means will increase acceptance among your users.
  • With any desktop virtualization project, it is important to carefully consider the actual cost benefits. Cost savings will come from locking down users’ computers, not from putting them in the datacenter or cloud.
  • Offloading SSL and DTLS to a third party can improve user experience and density.

Speaker Bio: Charlie Cano, Senior Architect for F5 Networks

Charlie Cano is a Senior Architect for F5 Networks. He is a subject matter expert on virtualization, Web, and application security trends and solutions. Cano joined F5 from MagniFire Websystems, where he was instrumental in introducing the TrafficShield (now F5 Application Security Manager) application firewall solution to the North American market. Prior to MagniFire, he held software architecture and project lead roles at Bang Networks and Abercrombie & Fitch. Cano holds a degree in Computer Science and Engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, three patents in application networking technology, and a CISSP.

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