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Aug 19 2013   6:49PM GMT

5 Reasons to Consider Microsites for your Marketing Strategy

Ben Bradley Ben Bradley Profile: Ben Bradley

In the world of digital marketing, the popularity of microsites constantly fluctuates.  In the early 2000’s they were wildly popular; specifically with B2C organizations.   Since that time, they have dipped in popularity and some people have suggested that microsites are dead or offer little value.  In the B2B world, where the sales process is complex and arduous, microsites have proven to be powerful tools to help capture, engage, and convert prospects to leads

Here are 5 reasons you should consider a microsite in your B2B marketing efforts:

1. Microsites are Targeting Tools – Microsites help you communicate better with your prospects through targeting.  As a B2B technology marketer, I surf through countless parent brand websites.  Many large organizations struggle to make relevant content easy to find.  Microsites simplify the user experience by making content available that helps solve problems while eliminating distracting corporate information.

Going Deeper: A recent client used their microsite to get even deeper with their targeting strategy; specifically they created buyer persona paths viewable on the microsite:


This type of user experience offers end users the most relevant, targeted content. As found in this  DemandGen Buyer Behavior one of the most common pain points for buyers is finding content targeted to their industry (persona based content).  Personal driven microsites get the most relevant content in front of your prospects and ultimate allows for better conversations. 

The Impact:  On average, when we build sites with a persona strategy we see a 200% increase in content click rates and a 170% higher social share rate than sites without. 

2. Elevate your Brand – As marketers, we have many goals; driving awareness, demand generation, social presence, generating revenue, etc.  First and foremost, microsites are a powerful way to lift brand awareness and enhance perceptions.Compared to parent sites, highly focused content of microsites offer better, deeper connection with visitors.

The Impact: At TechTarget we run 20+ microsites for our customers at any given point. To monitor the performance and measure results, we use a 3rd party to survey prospects exposed and not exposed to specific microsites. Results show that users exposed to microsites have a 7.5 % higher likelihood to recommend, 9% increase in brand consideration, and 13.6% increase in message association. Bottom line: Microsite move metrics that matter.

Need more? Check out this published report on online ad effectiveness performance.  

3. Reporting – As a marketer, I’m required to analyze massive amounts of data to prove campaign success. Microsites offer sophisticated, comprehensive data metrics that help effectively optimize performance and ultimately showcase front end ROI.

The Impact: TechTarget powered microsites receive a variety of detailed reporting from standard page views, dwell time, and other engagement metrics to performance benchmarking, click and scroll mapping.  This level of reporting provides front end ROI metrics to assist in optimization.  In addition, micros

ites are a great place to run A/B tests.  We recently conducted A/B testing on registration pages within a microsite and saw a 275% increase in conversion rates for in target leads.

4. They are Easy, Fast, and Flexible to build – Internal projects that require web developer support tend to be difficult to launch and difficult to optimize.    Using a microsite (especially with a partner) is a great way to help speed deployment and ease internal workload strains.  A partner can help make microsite creation turn-key, deliver rapid deployments, save internal resources, and be more cost effective. Using a partner that produces a high volume of microsites will give you experience you can trust, and simplify the process from start to finish.

The Impact: At TechTarget we are running 20+ microsites at any given point. We have the expertise to build these quickly, and the resources and tools dedicated to do this in a cost effective manner.  I have seen clients try to take these projects on themselves and build times be 6+ months, I have also seen our microsites be spec’d out and built to achieve specific goals successfully in less than 2 months. 

5. Place to house social media and user generated content – As Lynne Capozzi says, “user generated content needs a home…at the end of the day, user-generated, social content is fundamentally scattered. Microsites give UGC a home and helps put it to work within an integrated digital marketing plan”. With a microsite you can create units to house multiple social media feeds, as well as easily allow users to share what they view and encourage viral growth.

The Impact: Many of the TechTarget microsites are enabled with Social tools.  For example, one of our vendor’s social shares rates on the microsite 9x above average. The focus and community element of the site led to huge social sharing rates.

Parting Thoughts: If you need a fast to deploy, easy to optimize marketing tool, microsites should be high on the consideration list. The segmentation, content housing capabilities, and brand exposure are proven to elevate brand values.  Have you considered adding a microsite to your marketing strategy yet? 

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