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Dec 6 2012   11:35AM GMT

‘Tis the season or t’is the season?

Ivy Wigmore Ivy Wigmore Profile: Ivy Wigmore


Which is correct?
Be careful shopping online: According to security experts, ____ the season for identity theft.
a. ’tis
b. t’is

Answer: a.

‘Tis is a contraction of it is. The rule with contractions is that we put the apostrophes where the letters are missing.

See The Oatmeal for the word on apostrophes, bacon hats and lightning pants.

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  • ghrank6
    Your answer ignores the capitalization of the T. If you spelled it out whole it would be "It is" but using the contraction makes the first visible letter the second letter of the word. How do you capitalize an apostrophe?
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  • murcam49
    How about if the apostrophe is taking the place of "his", as in "This is", so "T'is" would be correct?
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  • deanmac
    Grammar police vs Typography police. Need to also watch the direction of the curved quote marks. In my opinion, you have it correct in the answer (a), but incorrect in the headline. My reasoning: no matter where you locate it, it is an apostrophe, not a single-opening-quote-mark.
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