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August 21, 2012  2:11 PM

Sneaked or snuck?

Posted by: Ivy Wigmore
AP style, CIO, grammar wars, non-standard grammar, verb tense, verbs

Which is correct? I'm cleaning up my Facebook account, unfriending people I don't know and the ones I wish I didn't know that have somehow ______ in. a. snuck b. sneaked

July 25, 2012  7:56 PM

Do you double the letter “L” before “ed” or “ing”? It depends.

Posted by: Ivy Wigmore
CIO, spelling, traveler or traveller, verbs

Which is correct? The phishing email warned that unless I updated my contact information, my eBay account would be ______________. a. canceled b. cancelled

March 23, 2010  3:03 PM

Has lain or has laid?

Posted by: Ivy Wigmore
Business writing, CIO, grammar, has laid or has lain, Quiz, Smart Grid, tricky grammar questions, verbs

Which is correct? The United States has ____ out plans to standardize domestic smart grid development. a. lain b. laid

January 8, 2009  1:13 AM

Writing for Business – dived, dove

Posted by: Margaret Rouse
dive, dove, past tense, verbs

Which is correct? As soon as I got the assignment, I ______ in. a. dived b. dove Continued »

December 17, 2008  2:05 AM

Writing for business – Simple past or present perfect

Posted by: Margaret Rouse
simple past or present perfect, verbs

Which is correct? _________ the screencast yet? a. Did you finish b. Have you finished Continued »


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