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reflexive pronouns


October 15, 2009  8:15 PM

More misadventures with “myself”

Posted by: Ivy Wigmore
Business writing, CIO, grammar, me, me/myself/I, personal pronouns, Principle A violation, reflexive pronouns

On his Literal-Minded blog, Neal Whitman explains more about how reflexive pronouns are used correctly in an embarrassing episode from his past:

“Maddie, Ed, Deanna, and Jennifer are riding...

January 13, 2009  7:24 PM

Writing for business – me or myself?

Posted by: Ivy Wigmore
Business writing, CIO, grammar, me or myself, Quiz, reflexive pronouns

typing Which is correct? I designed the new space to please ____ as much as I designed it to please the client. a....

November 6, 2008  1:47 PM

Writing for business – I, myself

Posted by: Margaret Rouse
CIO, reflexive pronouns

decision.jpg Michael Dell and ________ are responsible for the decision. We will ask each employee to take an unpaid vacation...


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