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April 7, 2010  10:34 AM

Omitting “that”

Posted by: Ivy Wigmore
Business writing, CIO, grammar, open source, programming, Quiz, that

Which is correct? Linus Torvalds _______ choosing to be an open source software engineer is a calling, rather than a career choice. a. said that b. said

October 23, 2009  3:56 PM

Open source — hyphenate or not?

Posted by: Ivy Wigmore
adjectives, Business writing, CIO, hyphenation, open source, Quiz

Which is correct? Open source describes any software whose source code is in the public domain or that is copyrighted and distributed under an ______________. a. open source license b. open-source license

June 30, 2009  2:32 PM

Neither/nor and verb agreement

Posted by: Ivy Wigmore
Business writing, CIO, Microsoft, neither / nor, open source, Quiz, subject-verb agreement, VMware

typing Which is correct? Neither Microsoft nor VMware _____ that open source products pose a challenge. a. deny b....


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