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Formal vs. informal writing


August 27, 2012  2:19 PM

The difference between “though” and “although”

Posted by: Ivy Wigmore
Formal vs. informal writing, formal writing, the difference between, word meanings

Which is correct? A botnet is a group of computers organized to distribute spam or malware -- _________ the owners are typically unaware of the fact. a. though b. although c. even though

August 17, 2012  7:15 PM

Another take on “try and” vs. “try to”

Posted by: Ivy Wigmore
Formal vs. informal writing, Recommended grammar blogs

I love the Motivated Grammar blog. (Motto: Prescriptivism must die!)  If you're ever looking for a contrary opinion on a grammatical issue, and especially a well-argued and research-supported contrary opinion, blogger Gabe Doyle is your...


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