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September 16, 2010  11:22 AM

Set up or setup?

Posted by: Ivy Wigmore
Business writing, CIO, common grammar errors, common writing errors, grammar, make up or makeup, Quiz, set up or setup, verbs and nouns, work out or workout

Which is correct?
If you’re installing a wireless LAN, you should know how to ______ security properly.
a. set up
b. setup

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September 12, 2010  4:25 PM

To the manor born or to the manner born?

Posted by: Ivy Wigmore

Which is correct?
Although she was not __________________, the CEO soon learned to cultivate the soft skills that made her an effective leader.
a. to the manner born
b. to the manor born

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August 27, 2010  1:18 PM

Another 10-question grammar quiz from the early days

Posted by: Ivy Wigmore
Business writing, CIO, grammar, grammar quiz

1. Early ____________ ran on a couple of AA batteries and suffered a lot from lag as a result.
a. BlackBerries
b. BlackBerrys
Which is correct?

2. A 95 percent majority ____ opposed to scheduling meetings for after 5 p.m.
a. is
b. are
Which is correct?

3. Ellen is a real _______, always doing whatever needs to be done to move a project along.
a. trooper
b. trouper
Which is correct?

4. You can ________ the transaction if there are problems.
a. roll back
b. rollback
Which is correct?

5. In the _____, server revenues were flat throughout the quarter.
a. west
b. West
Which is correct?

6. One or more errors _____ encountered during installation.
a. was
b. were
Which is correct?

7. According to the Berne ________ convention, all content created since April 1989 is protected, whether or not that fact is specifically stated.
a. copywrite
b. copyright
Which is correct?

8. The successful candidate will have a ___________ in Communications.
a. master’s degree
b. masters degree
Which is correct?

9. We will be ______ employees from the office to the convention.
a. busing
b. bussing
Which is correct?

10. Arthur L. Samuel of IBM’s Watson Research Center coined the term personal computer in the _____.
a. 1960’s
b. 1960s
Which is correct?

August 10, 2010  3:16 PM

Naprons, ewts and ekenames

Posted by: Ivy Wigmore
a or an, Business writing, CIO, grammar, metanalysis, prepositions, provection, Quiz

Which is correct?
To create _____ file, you need a ripper and an encoder.
a. an MP3
b. a MP3

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August 5, 2010  6:10 PM

Srsly — do U loveee it or do U looove it?

Posted by: Ivy Wigmore
Business writing, CIO, grammar, loveee it, Quiz, social media

Which is correct?
I was crushed when I didn’t get an iPad for my birthday but now I’ve got an Android Tablet — and OMG I ________ it!!!
a. loveee
b. looove

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July 21, 2010  1:40 PM

Refute or repudiate — or refudiate?

Posted by: Ivy Wigmore
#shakespalin, Business writing, CIO, commonly misused words, grammar, Quiz, refudiate, Sarah Palin

Which is correct?
Steve Jobs used a formal four-point argument in the attempt to ________ claims that the iPhone’s design is flawed.
a. refute
b. repudiate
c. refudiate

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July 19, 2010  1:10 PM

Is “none” plural or singular? Yes.

Posted by: Ivy Wigmore
Business writing, CIO, grammar, none is/none are, plural/singular, Quiz

Which is correct?
I found digital drugs for “razor-sharp mind,” “power siesta” and “chakra balancing” but none of them ____ to work for me.
a. seem
b. seems

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July 14, 2010  3:25 PM

When vs. whenever

Posted by: Ivy Wigmore
Business writing, CIO, commonly confused words, grammar, Quiz, Ubuntu, when or whenever, word meanings

Which is correct?
________ I installed Ubuntu on my old computer, I saw a big improvement over the way it performed running Vista.
a. When
b. Whenever

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July 7, 2010  12:41 PM

infra dig

Posted by: Ivy Wigmore
Business writing, CIO, definitions, grammar, Latin phrases, Merriam-Webster, Quiz, word meanings

Which is correct?
The new employee was ________ to agree to the assignment, which she considered infra dig.
a. happy
b. reluctant

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July 6, 2010  1:22 PM

Baited breath or bated breath?

Posted by: Ivy Wigmore
bated or baited, Business writing, CIO, commonly misspelled words, eggcorns, grammar, Quiz, spelling

Which is correct?
News media executives watch with ______ breath to see if the iPad can save the industry.
a. bated
b. baited

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