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January, 2013


January 21, 2013  10:22 PM

Do you reap what you sow or what you sew?

Posted by: Ivy Wigmore
CIO, commonly confused terms, commonly misspelled words, commonly misunderstood phrases, spelling

Which is correct? Microsoft has often been accused of ______ FUD (fear, uncertainty and doubt) to keep customers leery of switching to competitor's products. a. sowing b. sewing

January 16, 2013  7:56 PM

Most stupid or stupidest? Rules, and exceptions to them, for comparatives and superlatives

Posted by: Ivy Wigmore
adverbs and adjectives, CIO, comparatives and superlatives, ESL

Which is correct? Some human engineering efforts are so blatant that they fool only the ________ end users. a. most stupid b. stupidest

January 14, 2013  9:26 PM

Wow! That word is older than you’d think.

Posted by: Ivy Wigmore
archaic speech and grammar, archaic words and phrases, Oxford English Dictionary, word origins

How old would you guess the word "wow" to be? a. 100 years old b. 200 years old c. 300 years old d. 400 years old e. 500 years old Continued...

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January 11, 2013  1:24 PM

Calfs vs. calves; wifes vs. wives; roofs vs. rooves

Posted by: Ivy Wigmore
Anachronisms, archaic speech and grammar, archaic words and phrases, changing spelling rules, ESL, non-standard plurals, pluralization

Which is correct? Because black absorbs light (which equates to heat) and white reflects it, white is a better option for data center _____. a. roofs b. rooves Answer: Either, depending on where you are. Explanation: In the U.S.,...

January 10, 2013  8:56 PM

Should you find an alternative to “due to”?

Posted by: Ivy Wigmore
due to, grammar, grammar myths, John McIntyre, sham rules and crochets

  Which is correct? Most major security breaches ____________ human error. a. can be attributed to b. are due to

January 9, 2013  9:32 PM

More on positive “anymore”

Posted by: Ivy Wigmore
Anachronisms, anymore or any more, archaic speech and grammar, positive anymore

Yesterday I was writing about the use of anymore in positive constructions, as in "I write about grammar anymore." The responses to that...

January 8, 2013  9:08 PM

Is it OK to use “anymore” other than in negative constructions? I’m not positive anymore.

Posted by: Ivy Wigmore
anymore or any more, CIO

  Which is correct? I take pictures with my smartphone more often than my camera _________. a. these days b. anymore

January 7, 2013  5:35 PM

Is that “brand-new” or “bran-new”? And why do we say it, anyway?

Posted by: Ivy Wigmore
archaic speech and grammar, archaic words and phrases, common misspellings, common phrases, grammar history

  Which is correct? If you're designing a ________ data center, green tech should be a priority. a. brand-new b....


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