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June, 2012

June 29, 2012  1:16 PM

There’s a little difference between “little” and “a little”

Posted by: Ivy Wigmore

Which is correct? The project manager frowned and said she was _____ worried that scrutiny of the audit trail would uncover serious accounting issues. a. a little b. little

June 28, 2012  4:03 PM

What’s wrong with this Twitter profile?

Posted by: Ivy Wigmore
capitalization, CIO, writing errors

Can you identify the main problem in the following Twitter profile? "Cindy-Loo Who* is an Executive with a passion for Leadership. A Writer, Speaker, Consultant, Coach, Mother, Wife, & seeker of...

June 27, 2012  3:42 PM

Seldom or seldomly?

Posted by: Ivy Wigmore
Bryan A. Garner, Language Change Index, non-words, seldomly

Which is correct? I've ________ managed to move a hard disk from one computer to another with good results. a. seldom b. seldomly

June 26, 2012  2:00 PM

Monies, moneys — or just plain old money?

Posted by: Ivy Wigmore
ESL, grammar, large sums of money, moneys, monies, pluralization

Which is correct? The CFO reported gleefully that corporate ______ available at the end of the fourth quarter were so substantial that she had first thought it was an

June 25, 2012  12:06 PM

Are you in the throws of despair over misspelled words?

Posted by: Ivy Wigmore
commonly misspelled words, word meanings

Which is correct? The telecom industry is always in the _____ of transition and now is no exception, with IPv6 and cloud...

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June 22, 2012  2:46 PM

Pronoun quiz: This time it’s personal

Posted by: Ivy Wigmore

One grammar problem is almost universal: the personal pronoun. No matter what your literacy level, odds are you have the occasional glitch keeping me, myself, I -- and all our friends -- straight. This 10-question quiz addresses tricky issues in pronoun...

June 21, 2012  8:14 PM

Put your modifiers in their places!

Posted by: Ivy Wigmore
grammar, misplaced modifiers, modifier mistakes, sentence structure

What's wrong with the following sentence? The enterprise application store is a variation on consumer-oriented app stores for mobile operating systems, such as the Apple App Store and

June 20, 2012  11:19 AM

Laptop or labtop? I’m not even kidding.

Posted by: Ivy Wigmore
commonly misspelled words

Which is correct? I'm afraid my _______ has a virus because it's been slow to respond ever since I opened that attachment. a. laptop b. labtop

June 19, 2012  2:00 PM

That vs. which (Part III)

Posted by: Ivy Wigmore
grammar, Quiz, restrictive and nonrestrictive clauses, that or which

Which is correct? The most common method of wiping a hard drive is using a hard drive eraser ___________ overwrites data to render it unreadable. a. product, which b. product, that c. product that

June 18, 2012  9:37 AM

A piece or apiece?

Posted by: Ivy Wigmore
commonly confused terms, ESL, grammar, one word or two, word meanings

Which is correct? The iPhone cases that are retailing for $45 were manufactured for $1 ______. a. a piece b. apiece

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