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March 31, 2008  11:03 PM

Data validation in WPF, my approach

Posted by: MarkWPF
Databinding, Validation, WPF, XAML

Whether to use IDataErrorInfo or ValidationRule - that is the question, as I posed in a previous post. So , you may be wondering what do I do in my WPF projects? Or you may not :-) Well,...

March 31, 2008  11:01 PM

Data validation in WPF using ValidationRule

Posted by: MarkWPF
Databinding, Microsoft Windows, Validation, Windows Computing, WPF, XAML

As I mentioned in a previous post, you can specify validation by creating a Validation class (or classes). You do this by deriving a new class from the ValidationRule class and overriding the...

March 14, 2008  4:50 PM


Posted by: MarkWPF
Validation, WPF, XAML

There seems to be four ways to go with validation with WPF:

  1. Use IDataErrorInfo
  2. Use custom classes with ValidationRule
  3. Combine 1 and 2
  4. Roll your own
What do I mean by each of these, and why?
  1. Use IDataErrorInfo. You canimplement...


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