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May 14, 2008  9:04 AM

WPF Problems printing documents

Posted by: MarkWPF
printing, Windows Computing, WPF, XAML

Do you have problems printing documents in WPF? My problem manifested itself when I tried to print a document from a FlowDocumentPageViewer (though the same is true from a FlowDocumentReader). The problem I was getting was that if I had multiple pages, they would all be scaled and fitted onto...

May 14, 2008  8:50 AM

WPF Printing documents

Posted by: MarkWPF
printing, WPF, XAML

I have blogged before on how you print a WPF element using the PrintVisual method in the PrintDialog class, which is very flexible as it will print any element derived from Systems.Windows.Media.Visual. However, there is another weapon in the PrintDialog armoury, and that is the ability to print...

April 24, 2008  2:24 PM

WPF Printing – use the printing page

Posted by: MarkWPF
printing, WPF

From a previous post of mine, you can see how to easily increase the size of a WPF element in order to print it. That's not much use though as you are still only hard coding the...

April 22, 2008  3:25 PM

WPF Printing – why is it small

Posted by: MarkWPF
printing, WPF, XAML

When you get to printing in WPF, you will find it so much easier than printing in previous Microsoft UI design (ie Winforms and MFC). See a previous post of mine to see how...

April 11, 2008  2:48 PM

WPF Printing using PrintVisual

Posted by: MarkWPF
printing, WPF, XAML

To do a simple print in WPF, you can do the following: PrintDialog prtDlg = new PrintDialog(); if(prtDlg.ShowDialog() == true) { prtDlg.PrintVisual(element, "A simple drawing"); } This will throw up the XP or Vista print dialog, and then print the element specified, no problems at...

April 11, 2008  2:37 PM

Printing with WPF

Posted by: MarkWPF
printing, WPF, XAML

How does printing work with WPF? Well, actually, if anyone out there has ever worked with printing in MFC, then it's so advanced as to make you dizzy. Even if you ever tried printing with Windows Forms, then printing in WPF is a bit of a revelation. So how does it work? Most of the...

April 3, 2008  11:02 PM

Using Document Outline in VS2008 with WPF

Posted by: MarkWPF
Microsoft Windows, VS 2008, WPF, XAML

I have recently rediscovered Document Outline in VS2008. It was something that I relegated, in my head at least, to the world of web However, I thought about a week ago - wouldn't it be very handy if it showed me my complex xaml in a tree. Lo and behold it did, andI could click on each node...

March 31, 2008  11:01 PM

Data validation in WPF using ValidationRule

Posted by: MarkWPF
Databinding, Microsoft Windows, Validation, Windows Computing, WPF, XAML

As I mentioned in a previous post, you can specify validation by creating a Validation class (or classes). You do this by deriving a new class from the ValidationRule class and overriding the...

January 16, 2008  11:59 PM

Popup box

Posted by: MarkWPF
C, Development, Windows Computing, WPF

One thing that I have noticed, out there in the real world, is that people new to WPF haven't noticed the (slightly) unsung hero Popup. I have actually seen people spending man weeks recreating a floating window as per the popup control in WPF. So what is it? Well it is the ancestor class for...


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