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May 22, 2008  11:33 AM

WPF Controls – how to avoid designer nastiness

Posted by: MarkWPF
Controls, WPF, XAML

Have you ever written any user controls or custom controls? The difference between them is that with a custom control you have full scope to render it (plus you have to do it), whereas a user control is a container to amalgamate other controls. With both of them though, you need to make sure...

May 16, 2008  4:52 PM

WPF Controls

Posted by: MarkWPF
Controls, WPF

As I am architecting a new Line Of Business system for a customer, one of my thoughts is to recheck the situation with WPF controls. The power and styleability of WP, with a few small exceptions, means that there isn't quite the need for third party control libraries as there was in WinForms....


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