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March 9, 2008  6:53 AM

Multi value converter in databinding

Posted by: MarkWPF
C, Databinding, WPF, XAML

Here's a nifty little trick that I recently discovered. When you need to calculate the result of two properties and display it, you can do it via a Converter class. You may want to do it, like me, if you couldn't update the business objects, or didn't want to. How do you do it? Your...

February 24, 2008  10:11 PM

Databinding with Linq with automatic updates

Posted by: MarkWPF
C, Databinding, SQL, WPF

How do you databind to an EntitySet retreived from a Linq query, via Linq to Sql or Linq to Entities for example? Well it is very easy to actually bind to it, you simply connect it up using normal Xaml syntax. But what if you want to have updates automatically relected in the UI? That's...

February 17, 2008  10:54 AM

Combobox – reference not being set

Posted by: MarkWPF
C, Databinding, WPF

I've come across this strange little quoible. It's possibly just just the way I've been trying to use it, but it still seems odd to me If you have a ComboBox which you are databinding to using an object, like: <ComboBox SelectedItem="{Binding Path=Market}" /> Where Market is a...

January 16, 2008  11:59 PM

Popup box

Posted by: MarkWPF
C, Development, Windows Computing, WPF

One thing that I have noticed, out there in the real world, is that people new to WPF haven't noticed the (slightly) unsung hero Popup. I have actually seen people spending man weeks recreating a floating window as per the popup control in WPF. So what is it? Well it is the ancestor class for...

December 7, 2007  11:30 AM

Template bindings

Posted by: MarkWPF

If you want to, for example, to override a control template for a control in WPF, it is quite easy and very powerful.

One great thing is that you can specify a templatebinding instead of a (slightly) convoluted syntax to specify the property you are binding to. An example:

November 15, 2007  3:48 PM

ListView – is it really too slow?

Posted by: MarkWPF
C, ListView, WPF

I have seen a number of blog entries along the lines of 'ListView is too slow', or 'WPF is too slow', or the worst one of all 'ListView has performance issues'. Obviously none of them mention any details, nor elaborate on what issues there might be - sounds a bitĀ like an old project managerĀ of...

November 12, 2007  3:05 PM

ListBox – the forgotten control

Posted by: MarkWPF
C, Databinding, WPF

How did that happen? I personally think it happened because when we were all looking at WPF to begin with (in CTP days), it was very obvious that there was no Grid. Then, because of that people noticed that the ListView control had the option to specify a grid version as one of it's views. That...

October 25, 2007  9:15 AM


Posted by: MarkWPF

Let me firstly describe the localisation support in WPF - absolute pants
For those people who might read this who don't understand the local London, UK colloquial term pants - it simply means very bad.

Essentially you get the same localisation engine as v2.0 Windows Forms without...


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