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September, 2010

September 30, 2010  3:57 PM

Windows Like Print Screen on OS X

Posted by: Karl Gechlik

Today I found myself in the land of the Mac. I needed to grab a screen shot of the active window. I went looking for the print screen button and could not find it. I then looked around for another similar named button to no avail. I went on to hit up my good friend Google and ame up with the...

September 23, 2010  8:53 AM

Using LookinmyPC to help you before you start repairing a machine.

Posted by: Karl Gechlik

Check out http://www.lookinmypc.com/ to download an application that you can run on a suspect machine before you begin to repair it. This is...

September 23, 2010  8:39 AM

Defragmenting from the command line…

Posted by: Karl Gechlik

In all OSes after XP can use the defrag command with the following syntax to defrag from the command line. You can script it as well in a batch file or other script.  


defrag volume [-a] [-f][-v]...

September 23, 2010  8:35 AM

Restoring an AD snapshot

Posted by: Karl Gechlik

After listing your snapshots you can mount one of them with the mount command. Like this:   Mount 1 Then when the snapshot is mounted we will need to do the following to connect to it. To restore an AD snapshot we will need to use the command DSAMAIN. DSAMAIN is a command line tool that...

September 23, 2010  7:51 AM

Taking an AD snapshot in Windows server 2008

Posted by: Karl Gechlik

SO now in addition to normal AD backups you can also take a "Snapshot" of your AD users and groups. This makes it easy to revert back to or compare. To get this going you will need to run NTDSUTIL  from an elevated command prompt. Then type Snapshot. Followed by activate instance ntds. You...

September 17, 2010  1:34 PM

Locking down a IIS machine.

Posted by: Karl Gechlik

How do you protect your web servers that are open to the Internet? If you say you open up port 80 and hope for the best then you are probably being attacked as we speak! If your webserver is accessible to the Internet then it can be accessible by hackers as well. I take several steps on each of...

September 16, 2010  9:48 AM

See what ports are in use by what application.

Posted by: Karl Gechlik
in use, port, port monitoring, Windows

If an application uses a port no other applications can use that same port. So how do you figure out what application is using the port you want to use? You can use the command line and type in this command: netstat -aon | more Or you can download an application created by...

September 15, 2010  12:44 PM

QuickLink Inforbar adds process information to the task manager.

Posted by: Karl Gechlik
processes, task manager, Windows

As many as 20 to 30 processes may be running invisibly, silently in the background on your PC. Some hog system resources, drastically slowing down your computer. Others are a threat to security and privacy. A few may be harmless.
The Windows Task Manager...

September 15, 2010  12:35 PM

Recover deleted AD objects and a security rant…

Posted by: Karl Gechlik

Hey there Windows Fans! Idon’t know if you know this but it is a VERY VERY bad thing to log into your workstations with your domain admin username and password. It is also VERY VERY bad to leave your servers logged into. Are you logging in...

September 9, 2010  12:54 PM

Syncing time with your Windows 2008 Domain Controller

Posted by: Karl Gechlik

We need to start by configuring your PDC Emulator to point to an external time source. By default the PDC emulator on your network is where your other domain machines will grab their time from. You can set the external time source on your by running this command at...

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