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November 6, 2008  4:56 PM

Will buckypaper cars fly — or will we need buckypaper airplanes?

Posted by: Ivy Wigmore

From the Associated Press:

It's called 'buckypaper' and looks a lot like ordinary carbon paper, but don't be fooled by the cute name or flimsy appearance. It could revolutionize the way everything from airplanes to TVs are made.
See the video:

October 31, 2008  10:50 AM

The Vault of Tech Terror

Posted by: Ivy Wigmore

Goood eeevvvening! (It's always evening here in the Vault of Tech Terror.) Don't be afraid, Younnnnng Onnnne -- that creaking sound you heard was only the vault...

October 9, 2008  5:14 AM

Overheard and overseen: Is your webcam spying on you?

Posted by: Ivy Wigmore

jeremiah_grossman.jpg "Web pages know what websites you’ve been to (without JS), where you’re logged-in, what...

August 22, 2008  5:54 AM

XNA Game Studio offers opportunities for developers — what about the gamers?

Posted by: Ivy Wigmore
Development, gaming, programming, Uncategorized

pong.jpg Ah, Pong. I pretty much understood that game. You may gather I'm not up to speed on the...

August 20, 2008  5:48 PM

Would you click a link offering to infect your computer? 409 people did.

Posted by: Ivy Wigmore
drive-by downloads, malware, Uncategorized

Security researcher Didier Stevens conducted a test last year to see what kind of a clickthrough rate you might get from an ad offering drive-by downloads. .16%, as it turns out... Here's an excerpt from his blog post about the...

August 19, 2008  5:57 PM

The floppy hasn’t died — it’s just become virtual

Posted by: Ivy Wigmore
freeware, Storage, Uncategorized

floppy-disks.jpg On Of Zen and Computing,

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April 29, 2008  9:13 AM

Video: Lecture on Red Dragon advanced Linux kernel keylogger and THX-vlogger

Posted by: GuyPardon

This video features Shreeraj Shah, one of the founders of NetSquare, speaking about defending Web applications and kernel keyloggers at the

February 14, 2008  10:03 AM

My geeky valentine

Posted by: Ivy Wigmore
blog, free, fun, geek, humor, Uncategorized

Hey Sweetie! I got you a little something for Valentine's Day:

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February 8, 2008  2:31 PM

Keeping time, from sticks in the ground to Stonehenge to the atomic clock

Posted by: Ivy Wigmore
history, information, interesting, science, Technology, time, Uncategorized

I was thinking about time today. Just the usual stuff: how to have more of it, why must it be so ... precise. This all seemed to stem from looking at our definition of atomic clock, as I browsed the database for...

December 20, 2007  6:21 PM

Naughty or nice?

Posted by: Ivy Wigmore
fun, quiz, Uncategorized

'Tis the season! We've made a list and checked it twice. Now we're gonna find out who's naughty, who's nice... and who's...

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