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August 27, 2010  4:48 PM

Are you forcing end users to use peer-to-peer sharing?

Posted by: Tessa Parmenter
Security, WAN, WAN performance, WANs

Last week, news writer Jessica Scarpati reported that employees at Schur, a printing and packaging company based in Horsens, Denmark, were using public peer-to-peer (P2P) file sharing services, instead of the...

June 25, 2010  4:41 PM

Application delivery: A WAN manager’s job requirement

Posted by: Tessa Parmenter
application delivery controllers, jobs, WAN, WAN jobs, WAN optimization, WAN performance, WANs

Now that businesses have become more comfortable spreading offices across the globe, IT departments manage many more remote offices and mobile workers. As much as IT makes distances in the world feel smaller, no one is a miracle worker. The longer the distance, the longer traffic takes to send....

March 26, 2010  5:00 PM

WAN management: New tools and strategies that deliver high performance

Posted by: Tessa Parmenter
Add new tag, network convergence, network management, network monitoring, remote management, WAN, WAN appliance, WAN performance, WANs

When phone, video and data traffic converge (otherwise known as "network convergence"), it complicates the local area network (LAN). This network convergence puts even greater demands on enterprise wide area networks (WANs), especially in terms of bandwidth. Neither monitoring nor managing varied...

May 6, 2009  6:39 PM

Network designs going lean and green

Posted by: TScannell
carbon footprint, energy conservation, green it, WANs

A well-known frog of the Muppet persuasion once said that it’s not easy being green. 

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