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June 23, 2011  11:50 AM

World IPv6 Day recap

Posted by: Tessa Parmenter
equipment vendors, IPv4, IPv6, WAN, WANs

WORLD IPV6 DAY is 8 June 2011 – The Future is Forever June 8, 2011 marked

February 3, 2011  11:55 AM

No more IPv4: Now what?

Posted by: Tessa Parmenter
equipment vendors, IPv4, IPv6, WAN

Surprise! The IPv4 address pool is draining... The pool of IPv4 addresses go down a drain. ... which means, the "new" Internet Protocol is coming to a network near you. If you've been ignoring the signs and keeping your head in...

September 14, 2010  9:47 PM

Nemertes 2010 PilotHouse Awards for WAN technology

Posted by: Tessa Parmenter
carrier services, cloud computing, cloud computing services, equipment vendors, Ethernet, MPLS, WAN, WAN optimization

The Nemertes 2010 PilotHouse Awards were announced today to highlight the highest-rated IT vendors in various markets ranging from WAN optimization to cloud carriers. These awards are not cherry-picked by...

August 4, 2010  4:37 PM

Silver Peak CEO’s 180 on virtual WAN optimization: ‘Overused buzzword’ to ‘pretty compelling’

Posted by: Jessica Scarpati
equipment vendors, Silver Peak, Virtualization, WAN optimization

Nobody likes gotcha journalism, but sometimes you have to call a spade a spade. As Silver Peak Systems was gearing up to announce the release of their virtual

February 19, 2010  10:28 PM

Choosing the best WAN optimization vendor

Posted by: Tessa Parmenter
equipment vendors, networks, WAN, WAN optimization

How can you determine the best WAN optimization vendor for your enterprise? You could listen to rehearsed sales pitches from several vendors -- or you could listen to a vendor-neutral analyst like Dr. Jim Metzler on how to

December 9, 2009  5:04 PM

Lions and the lambs: Enterprise/telecom carriers to work on cloud services together

Posted by: KateGerwig
cloud computing services, equipment vendors, telecom service providers, TM Forum

Large enterprises and telecom service providers working together for the common benefit of cloud computing service adoption? Imagine that. To bring it about, the TM Forum announced a new role...


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