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June 20, 2013  5:25 PM

More bandwidth does NOT equal better app performance

Posted by: Tessa Parmenter
application delivery, bandwidth, latency, network monitoring, optimization, VoIP, WAN, WAN appliance, WAN optimization, WAN optimization controllers (WOCs), WAN performance

[caption id="" align="alignleft" width="222"]Angry man at computer Surprise! Bandwidth won't fix your slow applications[/caption] The...

September 24, 2012  9:21 AM

Should you use a hardware or software WAN optimizer?

Posted by: Tessa Parmenter
application delivery controllers, bandwidth, latency, network virtualization, Networking, virtual WAN optimization, WAN appliance, WAN optimization, WAN optimization controllers (WOCs), WAN performance

WAN optimization comes in many flavors and form factors. Two of the most hotly debated options are hardware and software—or

May 25, 2012  12:45 PM

How to solve the video-bandwidth problem

Posted by: Tessa Parmenter
bandwidth, cloud computing services, video, WAN, wide area networks

Video conference

March 16, 2011  12:31 PM

When disaster strikes, block YouTube across the WAN?

Posted by: Jessica Scarpati
bandwidth, network management, QoS, WAN performance

The U.S. military has temporarily blocked access to 13 popular streaming-media websites -- including YouTube, Pandora, ESPN, Amazon -- across its entire .mil WAN in an attempt to free up bandwidth for...

August 3, 2010  3:49 PM

Avoid buying more bandwidth to support cloud environments

Posted by: Tessa Parmenter
bandwidth, cloud computing, WAN

Cloud computing may require more bandwidth to support the workloads traveling across your wide area network (WAN). But many businesses can't afford to buy more bandwidth. To learn more about how cloud environments affect WAN bandwidth, I spoke to IT infrastructure expert

May 18, 2010  9:04 PM

The Internet is broken — how can we fix it?

Posted by: Tessa Parmenter
bandwidth, Internet, Internet addresses, IPv4, IPv6, Security, WAN

Everyone who can connect to the Internet experiences it one time or another -- a Web page is not found; a connection takes forever, or worse -- disconnects. It's times like these that the uninformed Chip the sales guy says the website is down, or the...


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