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February, 2011


February 28, 2011  10:12 AM

What enterprise IT needs to do about IP address depletion

Posted by: Tessa Parmenter
IPv4, IPv6, WAN, WANs

For those of you who don't already know, as of February 1, 2011, there are no more IPv4 addresses left for the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) to allocate. Is this...

February 22, 2011  11:53 AM

IT managers should gain smart grid smarts

Posted by: Tessa Parmenter
jobs, smart grid, WAN, WAN jobs, wide area networks

Electric grid sunset
While I wrote a few blog entries about

February 10, 2011  4:47 PM

Where in the world should you NOT place a WAN? … Egypt for now

Posted by: Tessa Parmenter
branch office, business continuity, disaster recovery, Egypt, remote workers, WAN

Photo credit: Duboix
Egyptian government is one cry short of a...

February 3, 2011  11:55 AM

No more IPv4: Now what?

Posted by: Tessa Parmenter
equipment vendors, IPv4, IPv6, WAN

Surprise! The IPv4 address pool is draining... The pool of IPv4 addresses go down a drain. ... which means, the "new" Internet Protocol is coming to a network near you. If you've been ignoring the signs and keeping your head in...


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