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September 5, 2012  8:24 PM

Salesforce.com no longer wants to be The Social Enterprise

Posted by: Albert McKeon
Benioff, Salesforce.com, social marketing, social media, social monitoring, social networks

After prompting the objections of just about every business and non-profit organization, Salesforce.com has dropped its attempt to trademark the phrase "social enterprise." The cloud-based CRM software company

November 10, 2011  8:13 PM

Companies missing out on strategic social CRM

Posted by: Rosecafasso
social crm, social media, social monitoring

Many companies are running lukewarm social CRM programs and squandering strategic social opportunities because they are spending too much time in reactive mode - monitoring social conversations and protecting the brand. A new Forrester Research Inc. report shows that the...

July 29, 2011  7:13 PM

Get executive buy-in for social marketing with evidence, not promises

Posted by: Rosecafasso
CRM best practices, social crm, social marketing, social media

Eric Schwartzman, a social media consultant, has an interesting way of explaining the difference between traditional marketing and social marketing. He likens traditional marketing to a cash transaction. It involves two parties and once the deal is done, well, it's done. Social marketing, on the...

May 13, 2011  2:22 PM

Marketing taking more cautious approach to social media

Posted by: Rosecafasso
IBM, Internet marketing, social crm, social media, Unica

You know something is over-hyped when even marketing folks are tired of hearing the big sell. So, when a group of 300 of IBM's customers and prospects in the marketing field were recently surveyed about their social media plans, about half said they are using social media. The responses showed...


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