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March 14, 2012  2:59 PM

Gartner Customer 360 conference begins

Posted by: Albert McKeon
CRM, Gartner

March 12, 2012  6:17 PM

Orlando bound

Posted by: Albert McKeon
Add new tag, CRM, Orlando

Less than two weeks on the job at TechTarget, I'm off to my first conference, Gartner's Customer 360 Summit in Orlando. I'm looking forward to meeting experts, users and vendors, and hope to get the lowdown on what's new and exciting in CRM. I'll post my findings on the blog.

December 29, 2011  6:09 PM

Integration, social engagement top CRM wish lists

Posted by: Barney Beal
CRM integration, SaaS CRM, social crm

By Rose Cafasso, Associate Site and News Editor CRM practitioners are serious people with stressful jobs. So, to depart from the everyday challenges as a way to wrap up 2011, SearchCRM posed a light-hearted question to several marketing, IT and social media folks.  We discovered our share of...

December 6, 2011  2:20 PM

Gilbane Conference Roundup: Winning and losing content marketing strategies

Posted by: Rosecafasso
content management systems, content marketing, mobile marketing, social crm

Marketing experts offered plenty of advice last week at the Gilbane Conference in Boston to companies searching for ways to use content with social and mobile platforms as a way to grab customers' attention. In short, they said companies should stay focused on the basics of content marketing, not...

November 18, 2011  8:01 PM

Customer experience management speak: The facts are in the fluff

Posted by: Rosecafasso
CRM, customer analytics, customer experience management, social crm

A recent webinar entitled The New Experience Economy, presented 20 industry experts offering insights on what companies need to do get their customer experience management programs in shape. The webinar, produced by ThoughtLead and sponsored by ClickFox , a maker of customer data...

November 10, 2011  8:13 PM

Companies missing out on strategic social CRM

Posted by: Rosecafasso
social crm, social media, social monitoring

Many companies are running lukewarm social CRM programs and squandering strategic social opportunities because they are spending too much time in reactive mode - monitoring social conversations and protecting the brand. A new Forrester Research Inc. report shows that the...

October 20, 2011  7:39 PM

Are social media measurement standards possible?

Posted by: Rosecafasso
Add new tag, social crm, social marketing

Next week, a group of marketers will take a stab at setting up standards for social media measurement. The meeting, called the Social Media Measurement Standards Conclave, will take place in Durham, N.H. and include representatives from Procter & Gamble, SAS, Thomson Reuters, the Web...

September 2, 2011  3:55 PM

Social marketing demands connections not just content

Posted by: Rosecafasso
CRM strategy, social crm, social marketing

So, you have a great social marketing strategy built around really good content. Well, guess what? You might not be doing enough, according to one social media...

July 29, 2011  7:13 PM

Get executive buy-in for social marketing with evidence, not promises

Posted by: Rosecafasso
CRM best practices, social crm, social marketing, social media

Eric Schwartzman, a social media consultant, has an interesting way of explaining the difference between traditional marketing and social marketing. He likens traditional marketing to a cash transaction. It involves two parties and once the deal is done, well, it's done. Social marketing, on the...

July 7, 2011  10:26 PM

Social CRM, Versace-style

Posted by: Rosecafasso
CRM strategy, Facebook, social crm

This week, Versace, a world-renowned fashion company, was dubbed “dumb’’ and “just plain stupid,’’ by social CRM analysts when it was reported that it scrubbed its Facebook page of negative customer comments concerning a production...

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