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June 7, 2011  5:11 PM

Group aims to sharpen focus on customer experience management

Posted by: Rosecafasso
CRM best practices, CRM implementation, customer experience management

The term customer experience management has come to mean so many different things that it almost has no meaning at all.

But one group wants to change that.

The Customer...

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April 1, 2011  4:42 PM

At what price, pricing complexity? Pricing and the customer experience

Posted by: Barney Beal
CRM evaluation, CRM implementation, licensing, pricing

Occasionally, my profession and areas of coverage -- journalism, enterprise applications and the customer experience -- cross paths in interesting ways. Such was the case last week, when news about the New York Times' plans to start charging for digital subscriptions lit up Twitter and the...

January 20, 2011  6:51 PM

Are collaboration tools the new CRM user interface?

Posted by: Barney Beal
CRM implementation, Oracle, Salesforce.com, SAP, social crm

What will CRM users require from their application interfaces in the future and how quickly will vendors be able to adapt? It's an interesting question amidst the rise of social networks and mobile capabilities. Some folks from Salesforce.com were in town recently talking up the latest...

June 10, 2010  12:59 PM

CRM’s legacy of failure lives on

Posted by: Barney Beal
CRM best practices, CRM failure, CRM implementation

Back when I first started covering the CRM market the constant discussion of CRM failures had mostly passed. Sure, it was still an issue. Everyone remembered the AT&T Wireless-Siebel...

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October 13, 2009  1:13 AM

Oracle CRM veterans offer a few innovative deployment tips

Posted by: Barney Beal
CRM implementation, Oracle, Siebel

I'm out in San Francisco for Oracle OpenWorld and found a few items of interest aside from the news that Marc Benioff is crashing the...

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July 27, 2009  3:16 PM

Jill Dyché on managing customer data, social media

Posted by: Barney Beal
CRM implementation, social networks

Jill DycheManaging customer data has always been a critical factor...

July 7, 2009  7:40 PM

CRM videos: Glengary Glen Ross, the social customer and ball tossers

Posted by: Barney Beal
CRM implementation, Salesforce.com, social crm

"Put the coffee down." I always loved that line, and that movie. I'm a fan of David Mamet's in fact. So, when I came across a YouTube video the other day by Wallstrip spoofing the famous Alec Baldwin scene from Glengary Glen Ross, I thought it was worth passing along. The video's been around...

April 21, 2009  3:45 PM

Brent Leary on CRM for SMBs

Posted by: Barney Beal
CRM for SMBs, CRM implementation, evaluating CRM software

TBrent Learyhe recession has companies worried about...


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