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November 2, 2009  8:41 PM

An MS (!*) Tool for Building Installable Windows UFDs

Posted by: Ed Tittel
Build an installable Windows UFD, Microsoft USB DVD Windows 7 install tool also handles Vista, Windows 7, Windows USB DVD Install Tool

This weekend I got an email from my old buddy Mike Drips, who informed me he'd found a nice little tool for building a bootable, installable UFD for Windows 7 at the Microsoft Store. Alas, I had to call him this morning to get the full title of the tool — namely, the

October 30, 2009  3:52 PM

Slowly but surely, moving to 64-bit Win7

Posted by: Ed Tittel
32- versus 64-bit Windows 7, 32- versus 64-bit Windows OSes, 64-bit Vista and Windows 7 more stable that 32-bit versions, Windows 7

As far as I can recall, Windows XP was the first Windows version to support 64-bit operation (in fact, according to the 64-bit software timeline in the Wikipedia article "64-bit" the first such version was released on April 30, 2005...

October 23, 2009  3:58 PM

More Windows 7 Downloads

Posted by: Ed Tittel
final release of Windows XP Mode, updated version of MBSA, Windows 7, Windows 7 developer training kit, Windows 7 license update, Windows 7 product guide

Gosh! There's so much hype and hoopla surrounding yesterday's Windows 7 launch that I'm almost disinclined to add to the clutter myself. But hey: a guy's gotta blog, so there's plenty of interesting new stuff going on around this "big event" to provide grist for the mill. So far my favorite fluff...

October 21, 2009  3:21 PM

Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor Final Version Released

Posted by: Ed Tittel
download final Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor, Windows 7, Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor final version released, Winodws 7 Upgrade Advisor

In anticipation of the upcoming GA (general availability) day for Windows 7 tomorrow (October 22, 2009) I've been checking in on the Microsoft Download Center regularly to see what's popped up there since my last visit. Though I checked on Monday, it was probably too early in the day to see then...

October 16, 2009  5:31 PM

Let’s trade one Reliability Monitor mystery for another, OK?

Posted by: Ed Tittel
Windows 7, Windows 7 Reliability Monitor, Windows 7 stability index

Anybody who's been reading these blogs for any length of time knows that I am enamored of the Reliability Monitor in Windows Vista and 7. Back in early September I wrote a blog entitled "

October 5, 2009  1:57 PM

Table of Features Exclusive to Win 7 Pro and Ultimate

Posted by: Ed Tittel
features supported in Windows 7 professional or better, why install or buy Windows 7 Professional or better versions, Windows 7

All the way back on June 29, Ed Bott at ZDNet compiled a table of features that appear only in Windows 7 Professional and Ultimate (and by extension, also in Enterprise as well). Since early August, a lot of us...

September 25, 2009  7:36 PM

Back to the Future with Windows 7 Deployment

Posted by: Ed Tittel
MDOP, MDOP 2009 R2, Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack 2009 R2, TechNet Magazine Windows 7: The 10 Things You Must Do First, User State Migration Tool 4.0, USMT 4.0, WAIK for Windows 7, Windows 7, Windows 7 Application Compatibility, Windows 7 Application Compatibility Toolkit 5.5, Windows 7 deployment, Windows 7 Upgrade and Migration, Windows Automated Installation Kit for Windows 7

OK, take note: the posting date for this blog is 9/25/2009. Now, take a look at this picture: [caption id="attachment_541" align="aligncenter" width="470" caption="October 9 is still 15 days away!"]

September 23, 2009  3:19 PM

New Beta Release of Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor Posts

Posted by: Ed Tittel
new beta version of Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor released on 9/17/09, Windows 7, Windows 7 Upgrade advisor, Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor still in beta

In poking around the MS Download Center, I observed that Microsoft posted a new, but still-beta version of the Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor (9/17/2009). Having...

September 21, 2009  4:55 PM

Special Deal: $30 Windows 7 for Students

Posted by: Ed Tittel
low-cost Windows 7 Home Premium or Professional, Windows 7, Windows 7 $30 student offer, Windows741

"Back to school" just got some added impetus from Microsoft: for a limited time, students at accredited institutions of higher learning (college or university) can purchase one full-blown copy of either Windows 7 Home Premium or Windows 7 Professional for $29.99. The trade-off appears to be domain...

September 14, 2009  4:53 PM

Windows 7 Confirms Mobo Issue, at Long Last

Posted by: Ed Tittel
rebuild production Windows 7 system, Windows 7, Windows 7 0x00000124 stop error, Windows 7 error reporting, Windows 7 stability

If you've been reading this blog for any length of time, you already know I've been struggling with strange and unstable behavior on my primary production PC for over a year now, both under Windows Vista and Windows 7 Ultimate editions. I've suspected issues with that machine's motherboard for some...

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