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December 30, 2009  3:40 PM

Interesting Win7 ROI tool

Posted by: Ed Tittel
Alinean Windows 7 ROI tool, Windows 7 migration, Windows 7 ROI, Windows 7 ROI tool, Windows 7 upgrade

Earlier this week, Nick Eaton posted an interesting blurb to the Seattle Post Intelligencer. Entitled "Windows 7 ROI tool estimates cost savings," it pointed me to a free Microsoft-sponsored financial tool at...

December 28, 2009  7:01 PM

Upgrade to Win7 Using a “Standard Image”

Posted by: Ed Tittel
upgrading a PC from a standard Windows 7 image, Windows 7 standard image, Windows 7 upgrade

Organizations seeking to upgrade up to 200 desktops to Windows 7 will want to check out this Small and Midsize Business Corner article on TechNet "Upgrading to Windows 7 with a Standard Image:...

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October 2, 2009  6:05 PM

Bott on Upgrading XP to Win7

Posted by: Ed Tittel
migrate from XP to Windows 7, Windows 7 only PCmover, Windows 7 upgrade, Windows Easy Transfer

One of the big bugaboos of Windows 7 is its inability to directly upgrade systems from XP to Windows 7. Considering that 80% of business users who run Windows are still running Windows XP (source: Gartner Small Business Outlook for 2009) this is bound to irk IT professionals and end-users alike. In...

September 18, 2009  4:42 PM

Windows PC Hardware Whack-a-Mole

Posted by: Ed Tittel
recovering from BIOS damage, troubleshooting Windows 7 network interface problems, Windows 7 troubleshooting skills, Windows 7 upgrade

As I'm slowly but surely upgrading all of my PC's to Windows 7 — I'll keep a few dual-boot notebooks with Vista, and netbooks with XP, just for testing and checking on older OSes — I'm encountering interesting things on my systems right and left. In a

September 16, 2009  4:56 PM

Check Out Ed Bott’s Windows 7 Upgrade Survival Guide

Posted by: Ed Tittel
Ed Bott "Windows 7 Upgrade Survival Guide", uprading to Windows 7, Windows 7 upgrade, Windows 7 upgrade survival guide

Long-time Windows guru Ed Bott blogs for ZDNet, and his postings are often sources of great information, tips, and tricks for that OS. His 9/14/09 posting "The Windows 7 upgrade survival guide" is no exception to this...

August 24, 2009  2:16 PM

First casualty of Windows 7: HP LaserJet 4M PS 600dpi Printer

Posted by: Ed Tittel
HP LaserJet 4M Plus drivers for Windows 7, Samsung ML-2851ND workgroup laser printer, Windows 7 update printer drivers, Windows 7 upgrade

Back in 1994, I traded a copy of NetWare 4 50-user with a reseller for a brand-new HP LaserJet 4M 600-dpi PostScript model. It's stuck with me through two versions of Windows NT (3.51 and 4.0), Windows 2000, XP, and Vista, plus Windows Server versions through 2008 (R1). I was pleased to be able to...

August 17, 2009  6:58 PM

Bungled BIOS Upgrade Leads to New Test Install

Posted by: Ed Tittel
Windows 7 driver issues, Windows 7 upgrade, Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor beta, Windows 7 Visual Studio 2008 minor issue

Last Thursday, I suffered a BIOS flash problem on my primary test machine that resulted in a completely dead motherboard: no post, no action at startup except for lights and fan up, followed by an immediate shutdown. A little research showed that my Asus P5K is one of a very few modern motherboards...

August 10, 2009  4:21 PM

TechNet on Windows 7 Upgrade and Migration

Posted by: Ed Tittel
production PC migration to Windows 7, TechNet: Step-by-Step Widnows 7 Upgrade and Migration, Windows 7 migration, Windows 7 upgrade

I stumbled across an interesting TechNet Step-by-Step piece this morning as I started researching the Vista to Windows 7 migration subject. I just upgraded two machines over the weekend, in the wake of the RTM release to MSDN at noon CDT on Thursday. Once the downloads were completed (that took...


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