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November 29, 2009  11:09 PM

Where Windows 7 Starter Falls Down…For Me

Posted by: Ed Tittel
Windows 7, Windows 7 Starter edition, Windows 7 Starter Edition limitations

OK, so I've been running Windows 7 Starter on a couple of netbooks and my wife's mini-ITX Core 2 Duo system for a couple of months now. And while I still like this OS, especially for its slim footprint and modest profile, I've discovered a few things I don't like about it as well — enough so, in...

September 7, 2009  9:41 PM

First look at Windows 7 Starter

Posted by: Ed Tittel
Windows 7 Starter edition, Windows 7 Starter limitations, Windows 7 Starter on a low-end PC, Windows 7 Starter on a net-top PC

I just bought my wife an ultra-barebones mini-ITX PC from my old buddies at Logic Supply. I outfitted this box and its MSI MS-7265 Core 2 Duo mobo with a Core 2 Duo T2300 processor and also purchased a Panasonic slim-line...

June 1, 2009  8:56 PM

No more “3-app-limit” on Windows 7 Starter Edition

Posted by: Ed Tittel
enterprise Windows 7, Windows 7 on netbook PCs, Windows 7 Starter edition

It just goes to show you that sometimes enough hullaballoo can cause even the biggest of dogs to change its bark. Case in point: the hue and cry that followed the disclosure earlier this year that Microsoft's Windows 7 Starter Edition would be limited to 3 simultaneous applications while running....


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