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November 30, 2009  3:00 AM

At long last, production PC settles down

Posted by: Ed Tittel
good reliability index from production PC, keep things simple to keep them working, Windows 7, Windows 7 Reliability Monitor

I may be asking for trouble, but it looks like I've finally gotten my production PC to settle down and behave itself. After about 13 weeks of ups and downs I've finally fixed all the drivers, gotten the various system components to behave, and have dealt only with very basic Windows and Internet...

October 16, 2009  5:31 PM

Let’s trade one Reliability Monitor mystery for another, OK?

Posted by: Ed Tittel
Windows 7, Windows 7 Reliability Monitor, Windows 7 stability index

Anybody who's been reading these blogs for any length of time knows that I am enamored of the Reliability Monitor in Windows Vista and 7. Back in early September I wrote a blog entitled "

September 4, 2009  3:56 PM

Hmmm…This is an interesting Win7 situation

Posted by: Ed Tittel
Asus P5Q3 motherboard, Gigabyte P35T-DQ6 motherboard, Windows 7, Windows 7 Reliability Monitor, Windows hardware compatibility issues

Those who've been reading this blog for any length of time know I've been fighting with a balky, or perhaps blighted, production PC for some time now. I upgraded this machine to Windows 7 in early August in hopes that it might help with chronic instability issues. Since then, results had been mixed...

August 27, 2009  9:52 PM

Why doesn’t Windows 7 post a reliability index any more?

Posted by: Ed Tittel
Windows 7 reliability index reporting, Windows 7 Reliability Monitor, Windows 7 shows no numeric reliability index value

[caption id="attachment_470" align="aligncenter" width="447" caption="No numeric index value appears in the Win7 Reliability Monitor"]

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