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June 26, 2009  2:20 PM

Microsoft Security Essentials Beta Comes and Goes

Posted by: Ed Tittel
Microsoft Security Essentials, Microsoft Security Essentials beta closed, MSE, MSE beta closed

In a recent blog I indicated that MS planned to make its Microsoft Security Essentials product available as a free beta soon. Well, it went into beta on 6/24 but the number of downloads was limited to 75,000. Within 24 hours of the opening gate, that ceiling was reached and the gate was closed. If...

June 26, 2009  1:52 PM

Take a Look at the Windows 7 Packaging

Posted by: Ed Tittel
Windows 7 retail packaging, Windows Vista retail packaging, Windows Vista vs. Windows 7

With all the details on Windows purchase, upgrades, and pricing now established, it should come as no great surprise that Microsoft has also finished up its retail packaging for the boxed versions of the new OS. For a sneak peek, you can check out the ".

June 26, 2009  1:23 PM

Windows 7 Free Upgrade and Pricing Details Emerge

Posted by: Ed Tittel
free Windows 7 upgrade for PCs with Vista pre-installed, Windows 7 full retail pricing, Windows 7 pre-order pricing, Windows 7 upgrade pricing, Windows Vista to Windows 7 upgrade pricing

OK, so here are the long-awaited particulars on three areas related to Windows 7 pricing and upgrades, where references to "Today" mean 6/26/2009: Terms of the "buy Vista now, upgrade to Windows 7 later" deal. Starting today, those who purchase a PC equipped with any of these...

June 22, 2009  4:08 PM

Check out the (Beta) Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor

Posted by: Ed Tittel
download (beta) Winodws 7 Upgrade Advisor, Enterprise desktop, Windows 7, Windows 7 enterprise desktop, Windows 7 Upgrade advisor

The Windows 7 Upgrade advisor is still in beta — as is the Windows 7 OS itself — but it's recently acquired a pretty permanent-looking URL: System admins who may be thinking about upgrading current XP or Vista platforms to Windows...

June 22, 2009  3:04 PM

NY Ruling May Change SW Subscription Handling

Posted by: Ed Tittel
Enterprise Vista, enterprise Windows Vista, Windows security software, Windows security software subscription renewals, Windows Security software subscriptions

I was both bemused and pleased to read about NY Attorney General Andrew Cuomo having extracted a $375K settlement from both Symantec and McAfee to set aside what Network World reports...

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June 19, 2009  8:45 PM

No More Morro: Meet Microsoft Security Essentials

Posted by: Ed Tittel
Enterprise desktop, enterprise Vista desktop, Microsft Secrurity Essentials (MSE), Windows 7 security software, Windows security software, Windows Vista security software, Windows XP security software

In the wake of numerous leaks about the upcoming product, Paul Thurrot was finally allowed to go public on June 18 about the replacement product for Windows Live OneCare. Formerly code-named "Morro" (for the famous beach in Rio de Janeiro), the product is almost into public beta, and will be called...

June 17, 2009  3:57 PM

Vista Fares Poorly on Malware Detection

Posted by: Ed Tittel
anti-spyware comparisons, Enterprise Vista, enterprise Windows Vista, PC Tools Spyware Doctor, Webroot SpySweeper, Windows Vista anti-malware performance, Windows Vista anti-malware resistance

Here's an interesting story from June 16 on the Website, based on recently-released research work from leading antispyware firm Webroot. It's entitled "Vista Low on Malware...

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June 15, 2009  11:18 PM

Meet A Key Figure Behind the Win7 UI: Julie Larson-Green

Posted by: Ed Tittel
Enterprise desktop, Enterprise Vista, enterprise Windows 7, enterprise Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows Vista

A great story in Western Australia Today ( features Ms. Larson-Green, the person behind the ribbon technology introduced in Office 2007, who has since taken over ownership of the Windows 7 UI and its usability (called "Windows Experience") prior to the imminent launch of that new...

June 12, 2009  4:51 PM

Get ready for Microsoft Morro

Posted by: Ed Tittel
enterprise Vista desktop, enterprise Windows Vista, free Windows security software, Windows Morro

Last November, MS announced its plans to create a no-cost consumer security software product. Code-named "Morro," this solution is supposed to debut in H209 and be able to deal with viruses,...

June 3, 2009  3:32 PM

Windows 7 Launches on 10/22/2009

Posted by: Ed Tittel
Enterprise Vista, enterprise Windows 7, Windows 7 GA, Windows 7 General Availability, Windows 7 RTM

OK, now the rumors are no longer rumors, and the launch date, aka GA (General Availability),  is out thanks to Steve Ballmer's keynote at Computex (much) earlier today in Taipei, Taiwan, and Brandon LeBlanc's "

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