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October 19, 2009  3:03 PM

Other Win7 Shoe Drops on Thursday

Posted by: Ed Tittel
Windows 7 GA is coming, Windows 7 updates for GA, Windows tools and applications to be upgraded for Windows 7 support

OK, so here it comes. Windows 7 General Availability will occur in just three more days, on Thursday, October 22. I'm starting to see advertisements from HP, Dell, and others that indicate that machines with Windows pre-installed are available for order (a sample e-mail subject line for a message...

October 16, 2009  5:31 PM

Let’s trade one Reliability Monitor mystery for another, OK?

Posted by: Ed Tittel
Windows 7, Windows 7 Reliability Monitor, Windows 7 stability index

Anybody who's been reading these blogs for any length of time knows that I am enamored of the Reliability Monitor in Windows Vista and 7. Back in early September I wrote a blog entitled "

October 14, 2009  2:37 PM

Patch Tuesday: 13 Bulletins on 10/13 Zounds!

Posted by: Ed Tittel
MS09-050 thru MS09-062, Patch Tuesday October 2009, Windows 7 security update, Windows Server 2008 R2 security update

Those inclined to see numerological conspiracy every time the number 13 pops up will want to take a deep breath before pondering Microsoft's release of 13 security bulletins for this Patch Tuesday, which just happened to fall on 10/13/2009. As for myself, I'm always reminded of the superstitions...

October 9, 2009  3:25 PM

As the GA date for Win7 nears, momentum grows, but…

Posted by: Ed Tittel
Windows 7 Compatible Logo program, Windows 7 GA, Windows 7 pieces falling into place, Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor still in beta, Windows 7 XP Mode final version release date

I've been trolling the various blogs, the download site, and the news lately to keep up as the final pieces fall into place for the long-anticipated general availability date for Windows 7 on Thursday, October 22 (just a little under two weeks away as I write this blog). I'm seeing evidence of some...

October 5, 2009  1:57 PM

Table of Features Exclusive to Win 7 Pro and Ultimate

Posted by: Ed Tittel
features supported in Windows 7 professional or better, why install or buy Windows 7 Professional or better versions, Windows 7

All the way back on June 29, Ed Bott at ZDNet compiled a table of features that appear only in Windows 7 Professional and Ultimate (and by extension, also in Enterprise as well). Since early August, a lot of us...

October 2, 2009  6:05 PM

Bott on Upgrading XP to Win7

Posted by: Ed Tittel
migrate from XP to Windows 7, Windows 7 only PCmover, Windows 7 upgrade, Windows Easy Transfer

One of the big bugaboos of Windows 7 is its inability to directly upgrade systems from XP to Windows 7. Considering that 80% of business users who run Windows are still running Windows XP (source: Gartner Small Business Outlook for 2009) this is bound to irk IT professionals and end-users alike. In...

September 30, 2009  5:21 PM

Microsoft Security Essentials 1.0 Hits the Street

Posted by: Ed Tittel
free Microsoft security software, Microsoft Security Essentials, Windows anti-malware, Windows anti-spyware, Windows anti-virus, Windows security software

Yesterday (September 29, 2009) MS relased its latest free anti-malware service to provide basic protection against viruses, spyware, and other malware. There's a home page for this technology at from...

September 25, 2009  7:36 PM

Back to the Future with Windows 7 Deployment

Posted by: Ed Tittel
MDOP, MDOP 2009 R2, Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack 2009 R2, TechNet Magazine Windows 7: The 10 Things You Must Do First, User State Migration Tool 4.0, USMT 4.0, WAIK for Windows 7, Windows 7, Windows 7 Application Compatibility, Windows 7 Application Compatibility Toolkit 5.5, Windows 7 deployment, Windows 7 Upgrade and Migration, Windows Automated Installation Kit for Windows 7

OK, take note: the posting date for this blog is 9/25/2009. Now, take a look at this picture: [caption id="attachment_541" align="aligncenter" width="470" caption="October 9 is still 15 days away!"]

September 23, 2009  3:19 PM

New Beta Release of Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor Posts

Posted by: Ed Tittel
new beta version of Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor released on 9/17/09, Windows 7, Windows 7 Upgrade advisor, Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor still in beta

In poking around the MS Download Center, I observed that Microsoft posted a new, but still-beta version of the Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor (9/17/2009). Having...

September 21, 2009  4:55 PM

Special Deal: $30 Windows 7 for Students

Posted by: Ed Tittel
low-cost Windows 7 Home Premium or Professional, Windows 7, Windows 7 $30 student offer, Windows741

"Back to school" just got some added impetus from Microsoft: for a limited time, students at accredited institutions of higher learning (college or university) can purchase one full-blown copy of either Windows 7 Home Premium or Windows 7 Professional for $29.99. The trade-off appears to be domain...

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