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April 2, 2012  2:56 PM

Windows 8 Start Button Still Off the Table (or Tablet…)

Posted by: Ed Tittel
Start Menu, Windows 8

I'm not completely sure that the status of a Start Menu in Windows 8 isn't a tempest in a teapot, but the controversy around this topic continues...

March 26, 2012  3:56 PM

Interesting driver status for clean Windows 8 installs

Posted by: Ed Tittel
Windows 8, Windows 8 installation

When moving from an older Windows version to a newer one where an upgrade path exists, the upgrade install option picks up and carries as much of the older environment into the newer one as it can. This usually includes any or all device drivers that remain compatible from old to new versions as...

March 20, 2012  10:53 PM

Yes, Indeed, It’s ALWAYS Something!

Posted by: Ed Tittel
Lenovo, Tablet, Windows 8

OK, so I 've been messing around pretty seriously with Windows 8 lately. And in so doing, I've also been messing about and learning about my Lenovo X220 Tablet and T520 notebook PCs. One of the things I've learned is that you CAN'T use the Windows System Repair Disk (for either Windows 7 or Windows...

March 19, 2012  1:46 PM

IE10 Brings Immersion to Web Browsing in Windows 8

Posted by: Ed Tittel
Internet Explorer 10, Web Browsing, Windows 8

In the latest Building Windows 8 blog post entitled "Web browsing in Windows 8 Customer Preview with IE10" Rob Maceri the group program manager for IE in...

March 5, 2012  5:09 PM

Finding a way into Windows 8

Posted by: Ed Tittel
Windows 8

I've been working with Windows operating systems since version 3.0 or thereabouts, starting in mid-1990. As I do the math, I'm stunned to realize that means it's been almost 22 years since first climbing onto the Windows bandwagon. And now that I've spent five full days working with and using the...

September 14, 2011  12:04 PM

Windows 8 Developer Preview Now Available!

Posted by: Ed Tittel
Windows 8, Windows 8 Developer

Rats! I'm working out of town this week, and when I tried to grab the "new Windows Dev Center" Web page yesterday, it wasn't up and running just  yet. Now, I just tried again and there it is! The Developer Preview versions...

July 29, 2011  3:05 PM

Kaseya Offers Interesting Imaging and Deployment Module

Posted by: Ed Tittel
automating Windows 7 deployment, Kaseya, specialist Windows 7 deployment for labs and schools, Windows 7 deployment

Kaseya image deployment module

Swiss-based Kaseya introduces bandwidth-sensitive multicast image deployment tool

Swiss-based automated IT systems...

April 11, 2011  1:35 PM

What’s in a number? Windows 7 Market Share Stats…

Posted by: Ed Tittel
Market Share, Windows 7

OK, so I've been watching Windows 7 market share numbers climb steadily month after month, ever since its general availability date in October 2009. Here's what the latest marketshare distribution looks like for March 2011, according to

August 4, 2010  2:48 PM

Shell Vulnerability Patch Brings Minor Trouble in its Wake

Posted by: Ed Tittel
disable AV software before applying Shell Vulnerability update, Eset AV interferes with Shell Vulnerability update, Windows Shell vulnerability has some issues

In a couple of recent blogs, I've been reporting about a particularly nasty strain of malware based on a Windows Shell Vulnerability that affects all desktop versions of Windows from 2000 through 7, and all Server versions from 2000 to 2008 R2:

  • 7/29/2010:

August 2, 2010  2:14 PM

Windows Shell Vulnerability to Get Emergency Update Today

Posted by: Ed Tittel
and install the Windows Shell patch ASAP, be sure to grab, MS rushes update for Windows Shell vulnerability, test, Windows shell exploit gets early update

The shortcut vulnerability I reported on in my blog last week "Vulnerability in Windows Shell could allow remote code execution" — namely by enabling...

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