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September 21, 2012  3:31 PM

MS Introduces New “Comfort Sculpt” Keyboard for Win8

Posted by: Ed Tittel
Sculpt Comfort keyboard, Windows 8

[caption id="attachment_2578" align="aligncenter" width="500"]The Sculpt Comfort Keyboard is arched to make hands stay in proper typing position.

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September 12, 2012  3:58 PM

Microsoft Rethinks Timing of Planned Flash Update for Windows 8/IE 10

Posted by: Ed Tittel
Flash Update, Windows 8

Last week, as is my usual wont, I fired up Secunia PSI (Personal Software Inspector) for all of my machines. In a discovery that caused no excitement whatsoever when I first ran the utility, I got a display that looked like this: [caption id="attachment_2537" align="aligncenter" width="500"]

September 10, 2012  2:04 PM

Start8 Comes Back to Match Classic Shell

Posted by: Ed Tittel
Classic Shell, Start8, Windows 8

I'm not one to believe that my blog has any kind of market clout or impact, but I found myself scratching my head to explain why I got a comment on my "

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August 31, 2012  2:53 PM

For Win8 Classic Shell Beats Start8, Hands-Down!

Posted by: Ed Tittel
Classic Shell, Start8, Windows 8

Earlier this week, I blogged about how Samsung is restoring a Start menu capability to...

August 28, 2012  7:19 PM

Samsung to Offer Optional Start Button on Windows 8 PCs

Posted by: Ed Tittel
Samsung, Windows 8

Preston Gralla writes a great blog for Computerworld entitled "Seeing through Windows." That title can, of course, be interpreted in more than one way -- and so very often can his blogs -- and those are just some of the things I like about his work. In an 8/28/2012 posting entitled "

August 10, 2012  4:23 PM

Substitution string: “Windows 8″ for “Metro”

Posted by: Ed Tittel
Metro, Windows 8

The ongoing Metro flap continues....

August 6, 2012  9:55 PM

Metro Madness, Mayhem, and Murder in Windows 8?

Posted by: Ed Tittel
Metro, Windows 8

There's been enough hoopla and unhappiness about the Windows 8 tile-oriented user interface known until now as Metro, that MS has apparently decided to kill the name and call this GUI something else entirely. Too bad I haven't yet laid hands on the RTM code for Windows 8, because I'd love to find...

August 3, 2012  3:25 PM

Windows 7 is trending to surpass Windows X Desktop Share in August, 2012

Posted by: Ed Tittel
Windows 7, Windows XP

Though other market followers have already intoned the inflection point between Windows XP and Windows 7 -- namely, the point at which the old (XP) finally dips below the new (Win7) -- tracking firm NetMarketShare has not yet seen its sampling of millions of PC users indicate that Windows 7 has...

July 27, 2012  7:59 PM

Windows 7 Will Be Around for a Long, Long Time

Posted by: Ed Tittel
Windows 7, Windows 8

I had to chuckle this afternoon when I read Ed Bott's latest Operating Systems piece. It's entitled "How to skip Windows 8 and...

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July 23, 2012  8:13 PM

How Long Will Enterprises Wait on Windows 8? Forever…

Posted by: Ed Tittel
Windows 8

October 26 is just over three months away as I write this blog, and that's when Windows 8 will become available to the general public -- and to enterprises, corporations, government arms and agencies, and other big buyers of desktop tools and technologies. The question is: Will enterprises jump on...

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