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June, 2012


June 29, 2012  2:56 PM

MS Telemetry Tells Some Unexpected Tales About Windows PCs

Posted by: Ed Tittel
Action Center, MS Telemetry

If you allow Windows to track and report on errors, every time your PC experiences some kind of problem it "phones home" to Redmond,  and reports on what's happened. It also promises to send you information about any related solutions that may come up as a result, but for most of us, a much more...

June 28, 2012  2:49 PM

So-called “Fanless Heatsink” Promises Cooler PCs, Higher TDP, Lower Energy Consumption

Posted by: Ed Tittel
Sandia Cooler heatsink

An interesting story appeared in Extreme Tech earlier this week. Entitled "The fanless...

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June 25, 2012  9:21 PM

On Becoming an mSATA Believer

Posted by: Ed Tittel
mSATA, SSD, Windows 8

Last February, in getting ready to work on a Windows 8 book -- now abandoned, alas, in favor of other work -- I purchased a couple of Lenovo notebook PCs. My X220 Tablet has become my go-to touchscreen Windows 8 test PC, and my T520 notebook has proved itself to be a solid and dependable traveling...

June 25, 2012  2:06 PM

Interesting Windows 8 malaises surface

Posted by: Ed Tittel
Paul Thurrot, Windows 8

Windows guru Paul Thurrot has posted an interesting and disturbing story about some problems he's encountered recently with Windows 8 Release Preview. It's entitled "

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June 21, 2012  3:31 PM

Interesting Power/Stability Problems Force Embarrasing Realization

Posted by: Ed Tittel
Windows hangs, Windows power problems, Windows shutdowns

In the past month, I've replaced my previous production desktop -- a still powerful and more than adequate QX9650 quad-core based machine that I installed with a 32-bit version of Windows 7 Ultimate, long, long ago whose memory limits had simply become intolerable for me -- with a new production...

June 13, 2012  1:11 PM

Killer SSD Deal Today Only

Posted by: Ed Tittel
Samsung, SSD

Among all of the many speedy SSD drives out there, the Samsung 830 drives are close but not at the top of the pack (see, for example, the Tom's Hardware SSD Hierarchy Chart which puts it behind the OCZ...

June 9, 2012  8:45 PM

Microsoft Sells Over 600M Copies of Windows 7

Posted by: Ed Tittel
Microsoft, Windows 7, Windows 8

Earlier this week (June 6) at Computex in Taipei, Taiwan, Microsoft Corporate VP Steven Guggenheimer announced that Microsoft has sold over 600...

June 6, 2012  4:15 PM

The More Things You Change, The More Attentive You Must Be!

Posted by: Ed Tittel
PC, Troubleshooting

File this one under the heading of "Another Windows war story." It dwells on strange shenanigans, and lessons learned, in switching over from an old, familiar, and reasonably stable desktop to a newer and snappier, almost unknown, and possibly stable replacement desktop. My biggest reason for...

June 4, 2012  3:42 PM

After the Weekend, More on Windows 8 Preview Release

Posted by: Ed Tittel
Windows 8, Windows 8 Preview

OK, so now I've got a few more hours with the latest Windows 8 release under my belt, and so far, so good. My biggest initial beef with the latest release is that it seems not to have absorbed too many new drivers in the time between the Customer Preview and the Preview Release. Now that I reflect...

June 1, 2012  10:46 AM

Windows 8 Release Preview Hits the Street

Posted by: Ed Tittel
Windows 8, Windows 8 Release

Just after lunch yesterday, I got the word that the Windows 8 Release Preview was out (you can download your own copy from whenever you like, but be warned: there's enough...


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