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September, 2011


September 28, 2011  2:33 PM

Windows 8 User Profiles: Roaming in the Cloud?

Posted by: Ed Tittel
Windows 8 provides powerful impetus for Metro migration for Windows apps, Windows 8 will use Live ID to create cloud-based roaming for Metro style apps

Wow! There's a fascinating new post on the Building Windows 8 blog from Monday (9/26/2011). It's entitled "Signing in to Windows 88 with a Windows Live ID," and it explains how...

September 26, 2011  4:52 PM

Testing Footprint Reduction Methods for SSD Migration: Before (Part 1 of 2)

Posted by: Ed Tittel
Before report on Alienware M11x prior to SSD migration, Dell/Alienware M11x migration from conventional HD to SSD begins

OK, so I've been blogging lately about a bunch of steps to migrate from a conventional notebook PC hard disk to an SSD replacement. I'm...

September 23, 2011  2:05 PM

Great UEFI Post Appears on “Building Windows 8″ Blog

Posted by: Ed Tittel
UEFI offers improved boot security, UEFI PCs and notebooks not widely available until 2012

MS UEFI diagram

Microsoft's UEFI boot sequence diagram from "Building Windows 8" blog post

The BW8 (Building Windows 8 )...

September 22, 2011  5:34 PM

Noodling on Windows 7 Footprint Reduction for SSD Migration

Posted by: Ed Tittel
a half-dozen tips to reduce system drive footprint on Windows 7, reduce system drive footprint for SSD migration

I'm in the process of switching all my production notebook PCs over from conventional hard disks to SSDs, thanks to a recent sale at Newegg that put the latest 120 GB OCZ Agility 3 units (SATA 2/3, SandForce-based, with astonishing read/write data rates for SATA 3 in excess of 500 Mbps) for under...

September 19, 2011  3:34 PM

The Real Secret Behind SLAT and Hyper-V for Windows 8

Posted by: Ed Tittel
SLAT requirement ensures acceptable performance for Windows 8 Hyper-V, why SlAT matters for Windows 8 Hyper-V

So now that I've been introduced to Second Level Address Translation (SLAT) as a requirement for Hyper-V on the upcoming release of Windows 8 (see my recent blog on this discovery at "

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September 16, 2011  2:57 PM

Combatting Notebook Windows 7 Video Driver Woes

Posted by: Ed Tittel
recovering from a video driver blackscreen event, roll back driver button can be a godsend

OK, I admit it: I'm dangerous when bored. Earlier this week, I was stuck in an all-day conference where I started to lose both interest and focus. As is sometimes my wont when that happens, I fired up DriverAgent on my HP dv6t notebook PC. No...

September 14, 2011  12:04 PM

Windows 8 Developer Preview Now Available!

Posted by: Ed Tittel
Windows 8, Windows 8 Developer

Rats! I'm working out of town this week, and when I tried to grab the "new Windows Dev Center" Web page yesterday, it wasn't up and running just  yet. Now, I just tried again and there it is! The Developer Preview versions...

September 10, 2011  2:40 PM

Interesting Windows 7 Driver Signing Issue

Posted by: Ed Tittel
Slipstreaming vs. post-install tasks, some driver installs can't be forced into Windows 7 installation, try automating post-OS-install tasks to deal with tricky drivers and installations

Apexwm is an active but anonymous IT professional who posts all over UK forums, and who also blogs prolifically for ZDNet in the UK. He recently posted a fascinating item entitled "

September 5, 2011  9:17 PM

Best Windows 7 System Drive Space-Saving Techniques

Posted by: Ed Tittel
easy tips for system disk cleanup, System disk clean-up can net 10-20% space savings

In the past couple of weeks, I've gone through some systematic exercises to reduce the disk space consumed on my Windows 7 system/boot drives, especially on notebook/laptop systems where disk space is always precious and sometimes scarce, but also on a couple of my desktops where I'm running SSDs...

September 2, 2011  9:49 PM

Ed Bott Gets “Invert Selection” Right

Posted by: Ed Tittel
Invert Selection can be a handy Explorer menu function, Use Invert Selection to exclude files from bulk processing actions

I'm working on a book about Windows 7 right now for the Microsoft Technology Association (MTA) program, specifically for Exam 98-349 "Windows Operating System Fundamentals."  And in fact, I'm knee deep in Chapter 4 of that book which takes Windows file management and Windows Explorer as a core...


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