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July, 2011

July 29, 2011  3:05 PM

Kaseya Offers Interesting Imaging and Deployment Module

Posted by: Ed Tittel
automating Windows 7 deployment, Kaseya, specialist Windows 7 deployment for labs and schools, Windows 7 deployment

Kaseya image deployment module

Swiss-based Kaseya introduces bandwidth-sensitive multicast image deployment tool

Swiss-based automated IT systems...

July 27, 2011  4:39 PM

Auto-Update for KB2310138 Spreads Consternation for MSE Users

Posted by: Ed Tittel
KB231010138 causes immediate Windows desktop problems, watch out for network security gotchas or worse from KB2310138

OK, so if you're running Microsoft Security Essentials (MSE) installed then you must figure out what to do with an update that Microsoft pushed yesterday in its increasingly typical "2nd Patch Tuesday" release. This update is labeled KB2310138 though it is also entitled "Definition Update for...

July 27, 2011  3:13 PM

Vexing Sleep-of-death Issue Finally Succumbs to Persistent Troubleshooting

Posted by: Ed Tittel
brute force technique side-steps sleep of death on mini-ITX Win7 PC; obvious workaround fixes sleep of death on Win7 PC

About two years ago, my wife needed a new PC and I wanted to check out a mini-ITX build, so her needs and my insatiable desire to tinker coincided nicely. Out of that effort came a very nice small system for her, built around an MSI Industrial 945GME1 Core 2 Duo Mobile Mini-ITX motherboard and a...

July 25, 2011  5:13 PM

Quickie Book Review: Sysinternals Admin Reference

Posted by: Ed Tittel
make the most of the fabulous Sysinternals tools by reading the Windows Sysinternals Administrator's Reference, Sysinternals book provides valuable Windows insight, Windows Sysinternals Administrator's Reference is a must-have book for serious Windows professionals

I've known Mark Russinovich for over 10 years, thanks to some work I did for his company back in the early 2000s. I've known of Mark Russinovich for twice that long, thanks mostly to his fantastic work on a series of Windows Administrative tools. These days Mark still does much of the same things...

July 22, 2011  3:33 PM

Musings on MS Cert Exam 98-349

Posted by: Ed Tittel
98-349 too low-level for IT pros but good stuff nevertheless, MS 98-349 Windows OS Fundamentals

MS Learning Exam page for 98-349 OK, so I'm on tap with my fearless and feckless co-author and project manager, Kim Lindros, to write a short exam prep book on Windows Operating System Fundamentals...

July 20, 2011  7:39 PM

Killer…I mean KILLER…deals available on Microsoft WHS 2011

Posted by: Ed Tittel
WHS 2011, Windows Home Server

Those familiar with the expansion of WHS to "Windows Home Server" will probably be wondering why I'm writing a blog post on this particular product in an Enterprise Windows Desktop blog. Good question, but I'd also like to observe I'm a dedicated home theater PC aficianado as well as an enterprise...

July 18, 2011  4:22 PM

Windows 7 and Ben Franklin Collide!

Posted by: Ed Tittel
upgrade Windows 7 before applying Windows Updates, Windows 7 should be upgraded first then updated second

Huh? I'm drawing from the wit and wisdom of founding father Benjamin Franklin who once said "Experience keeps a dear school, but fools will learn at no other." I'm pretty sure this means that fools have to learn things the hard way, and this weekend I got smacked in the face by that realization as...

July 15, 2011  9:26 PM

April 2012: In with the New, Out with the Old

Posted by: Ed Tittel
April 2012 means out with Vista in with Win8, Microsoft faces a 2-year period with 4 Windows desktop versions to support

According to Ed Bott's latest Microsoft Report ("Can Windows 8 finally vanquish the ghosts of XP and Vista" two interesting Windows phenomena will coincide in April, 2012:  Windows Vista mainstream support will end, and Windows 8 will also very likely be released for General Availability (GA)....

July 13, 2011  7:08 PM

July 2011 Security Bulletins Include Some Interesting Surprises

Posted by: Ed Tittel
4 security bulletins plus up to half-a-dozen other updates in July 2011 Patch Tuesday; pay special attention to the Bluetooth vulnerability fixed for July 2011 Patch Tuesday

I'd been reading about the advance info for this month's Patch Tuesday last week, and was a little surprised and frankly also relieved to learn that July 2011 features only four security bulletins (see all the details in the

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July 11, 2011  4:05 PM

Interesting For-a-Fee Windows Internals Webinar November 28-30, 2011

Posted by: Ed Tittel
Interesting opportunity for hands-on Sysinternals Webinar, Windows Internals/Sysinternals webinar 11/28&30/2011

For those who don't already know, David Solomon has been an author on an immortal classic book on Windows internals since its first edition came out way back in 1997. The book is now entitled Windows Internals, appropriately enough, and in its

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