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June, 2011


June 28, 2011  1:11 AM

The IPv6 Adventure Gets Underway

Posted by: Ed Tittel
IPv6 makes its debut at Chez Tittel, say hi to IPv6 a la tunnel

When my co-author for the upcoming revision to our Guide to TCP/IP  (getting ready to come out in a 4th edition) showed up at my door mid-morning today, I finally got started on the IPv6 adventure of a lifetime. Fresh from his triumphant visit to Palo Alto (where he taught three or four...

June 24, 2011  10:06 AM

Get Ready for Nitro PDF 2!

Posted by: Ed Tittel
Nitro PDF Reader 2, Nitro PDF Reader 2 stays small free and fast but gains more value-adds

In May of 2010, I posted a blog here entitled "New Nitro PDF Knocks Your Socks Off," wherein I profiled my introduction to and growing satisfaction with the free...

June 23, 2011  4:12 PM

Boatload of Windows 7 Clinics and Courses Available from MS Learning

Posted by: Ed Tittel
Check Out MS Learning for Win7 courses 'n' stuff, Win7 Clinics Courses and more available from MS Learning online

[caption id="attachment_1549" align="aligncenter" width="576" caption="Searching MS Learning Online Training Catalog"]

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June 17, 2011  4:27 PM

Banner Crop of Windows Updates for June 2011 Patch Tuesday.1

Posted by: Ed Tittel
First June Patch Tuesday brings 9 critical and 7 important patches to light; big first Patch Tuesday for June 2011

Take a look at this frequency graph from Secunia PSI: it charts the number of security updates that have been released in the past 6 months. When Microsoft dropped 18 items on my Windows 7 PCs on Tuesday, I figured...

June 10, 2011  12:24 PM

Why Does the BIOS Default to Disable USB Keyboards?

Posted by: Ed Tittel
bitten by BIOS defaults on motherboard swap, inability to recognize USB keyboard on first boot with new mobo, interesting AHCI issues present after motherboard swap, old OS causes irreparable damage

As I fired up one of my test machines yesterday after replacing a defective motherboard and Windows started to boot, I thought I might actually have gotten away with something grand and glorious. Not!! Although I was able to replace an Asus P5 Pro that had gone wonky on me with a Gigabyte...

June 8, 2011  3:00 PM

AppRx Migrates Applications to the Cloud

Posted by: Ed Tittel
AppRX works with App-DNA to help automate app migration processes, FutureState AppRX now in "cloud service"

Interesting announcement at Cloudexpo in NYC yesterday (6/7/2011) entitled "Futurestate IT...

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June 6, 2011  1:36 PM

Win7 Deployment FAQ Still Worth Consulting

Posted by: Ed Tittel
Check out Win7 deployment FAQ on TechNet, plenty of good Win7 deploy resources in TechNet

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June 3, 2011  3:12 PM

Double the screen space, double the fun!

Posted by: Ed Tittel
improved visibility also improves productivity; second monitor now matches primary; benefits of bigger screens

When I got back from a recent trip to the DFW area to meet with Jeff Carrell, my esteemed co-author for the upcoming revision to Guide to TCP/IP  for Cengage Learning/Course Technology, I found a ginormous box waiting for me in the doorway to my office. Apparently, that's as far as the...

June 1, 2011  2:09 PM

Dig into This Free Windows 2010 e-Book

Posted by: Ed Tittel
download First Look Microsoft Office 2010 e-book for free, free MS Office 2010 e-book for download

In perusing the "Born to Learn" blogs this morning, I came across an item from Julie Lary entitled "Free Microsoft Office Resource" (dated 5/30/2011). It provides a brief...


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