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May, 2011


May 31, 2011  2:08 PM

Diskdump.sys gets OOB update on 5/25

Posted by: Ed Tittel
KB 2541014 could affect lots of different Windows storage devices, OOB update affects diskdump.sys code

I'm always curious when Microsoft lets another OOB update loose (OOB = out-of-band--that is, a non-Patch Tuesday update release, this time on 5/25/2011, when the company let slip KB2541014). This time, the affected software item...

May 27, 2011  2:25 PM

When the Crunch Is On, Murphy Comes A’Callin…

Posted by: Ed Tittel
and my secondary monitor goes on the blink, Big deadlines bring out the gremlins, e-mail gets funky, On deadline day Word gets weird

OK, so midnight last night was the culmination of a huge project I've been devoting nearly every waking hour to for the past 15 days (yes, you read right: 10-plus hours a day for over two weeks). And indeed, midnight last night was also when we finally put the document that resulted from those...

May 20, 2011  2:50 PM

Latest Windows Updates Only Provide Partial Fix

Posted by: Ed Tittel
HP dv6t-2300 fingerprint scanner still "goes away" after hibernation, HP VFS301 fingerprint sensor comes back after sleep but not hibernation

On May 6 I posted a blog entitled "Windows Hardware Problem Fixed: Mystery Started" that recounts my problems with the fingerprint scanner on my HP...

May 11, 2011  9:04 PM

At Last, a Relatively Subdued Patch Tuesday

Posted by: Ed Tittel
1 critcal and 4 important patches for 5-11-2011, Minimal updates for May 2011 Patch Tuesday

After the burgeoning baskets of security updates for the previous two Patch Tuesdays, May's collection comes as something of a welcome relief. There are really only two ( or perhaps five) updates that are truly worthy of note, as this Executive Summary table from the

May 8, 2011  9:03 PM

Another fabulous Windows Update item from April 2011

Posted by: Ed Tittel
KB2515325 does address vexing Windows Explorer issues, second patch Tuesday for April includes another gem

On April 27, I mentioned one particular update as of great interest in the "Second Patch Tuesday" for that month. It appears in that blog...

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May 6, 2011  10:02 PM

Windows Hardware Problem Fixed: Mystery Started

Posted by: Ed Tittel
Application Compatibility Update apparently fixes faulty fingerprint scanner driver in Windows 7, fingerprint scanner suddenly starts to behave properly on HP dv6t notebook, HP dv6t gotcha evaporates after last round of Windows Update

Last February or March (2010) I purchased very nice HP notebook PC for about $1,100: it's a dvtt-2300 CTO Entertainment Notebook PC with a MobileĀ i7 Quad-core processor (720QM 1.6 GHz), 6 GB RAM, nVidia GeForce GT 320M graphics, and a 7,200 RPM 500 GB hard disk. [caption id="attachment_1529"...

May 4, 2011  2:04 PM

More Interesting IE9 Shenanigans

Posted by: Ed Tittel
IE 9 shows signs of continued flakiness, IE 9 WordPress issues persist, interesting gotcha installing IE 9

OK, so I've been slowly rotating my Windows 7 PCs (of which I currently have 7 at my disposal) from IE 8 to IE 9, thanks mostly to the elevation in status at Windows Update from optional, manual update to automatic or pushed update. By and large, this transition has gone reasonably well, but I do...

May 2, 2011  1:41 PM

Windows 7 Migration Myths and Numbers from the Unisys Perspective

Posted by: Ed Tittel
debunking myths of Windows 7 migration, slower rates of Windows 7 migratin spell future opportunities, Unisys VP Sam Gross on Windows 7 migration

Unisys VP Sam Gross has been in the news quite a bit lately since he posted a blog last week (April 28, last Thursday) entitled Busting Windows 7 Migration Myths. His reports on a recent...


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