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September, 2010

September 29, 2010  1:04 PM

Out-of-band Security Update for Windows hits

Posted by: Ed Tittel
ASP.NET gets out of band security update (MS10-070), MS releases MS10-070 out of band, out of band updates for September 28 2010

I'm always curious when Windows Update drops something into my hopper outside the normal second-Tuesday-of-the-month timing for regular updates. Yesterday was no exception, when five updates appeared right after lunch. It turns out that only one of them merited a security bulletin (

September 27, 2010  3:55 PM

Soluto Getting Waaaay Closer to Production Quality

Posted by: Ed Tittel
amazing customer service from Soluto for their Windows boot optimizer, Soluto fixes all the problems I reported, Soluto Windows Boot Optimizer gains great stability

In the past two weeks I've written twice about Soluto, a Windows boot optimization program that observes the Windows boot process and makes recommendations about programs that run at boot time intended to speed up that process:

September 22, 2010  2:07 PM

Prowess SmartMigrate: Free XP to Win7 VM Migration

Posted by: Ed Tittel
Prowess SmartMigrate, Prowess SmartMigrate supports XP to Windows 7 VM migration free to home users, SmartMigrate could shake up commercial XP-to-Windows-7 migration tools marketplace

Last week, I spent a fascinating hour on the phone with some engineers from Prowess, a Seattle-based software and services firm that offers a free software product called

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September 20, 2010  1:42 PM

Paul Thurrot Heaps Accolades on IE9

Posted by: Ed Tittel
IE9 beta fast and minimalist, IE9 earns accolades from Paul Thurrot, IE9 offers improved HTML5 and CSS3 support

How about this for a quote from Windows guru and maven Paul Thurrot?

Unlike its immediate predecessors, IE 9 is not about more for more's sake. Instead, IE 9 takes the same path Microsoft plowed with Windows 7 and then Windows Phone 7. It's clean, simple and fast. It gets out of the...

September 17, 2010  4:06 PM

PC Tools Posts Startup and Efficiency Gains in 2011 Versions

Posted by: Ed Tittel
new 2011 PC Tools products add faster boot and better pro-active malware blocking to the mix, PC Tools gets boot-time performance boost in 2011 version

It's not often that fate conspires to show me how new software changes system behavior, without me having to jump through lots of extra hoops to gather the necessary data. But because of the confluence of two sets of unrelated events this week, that's exactly what happened as I started learning my...

September 16, 2010  9:26 PM

More on Soluto Windows Boot Optimizer

Posted by: Ed Tittel
but when it works it can work well, Soluto boot savings range from under 1% up to 26+%, Soluto not ready for prime-time, Soluto offers interesting Windows boot optimization

In my last blog, I bashed the Soluto Windows boot optimization tool: "Just Another Blue Screen Monday Morning." I'm writing about it again because I do think the...

September 13, 2010  3:45 PM

Just Another Blue Screen Monday Morning

Posted by: Ed Tittel
PC World touts Soluto, Soluto is interesting but not production ready, Soluto offers a great concept but suffers from poor execution

I'm a subscriber to PC World and always make time to flip through the magazine when it hits my mailbox. It was with some interest I looked over Preston Gralla's recent piece on...

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September 10, 2010  3:54 PM

Team Foundation Server (TFS) Users Take Note: New Power Tools Available

Posted by: Ed Tittel
Brian Harry blogs on September 2010 TFS Power Tools release, interesting new tools for Team Foundation Server, MSDN releases new Team Foundation Server Power Tools

There's a new posting from Microsoft Technical Fellow Brian Harry, who's also working as the Product Unit Manager for Team Foundation Server out as of yesterday (9/9/2010). It's entitled "

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September 8, 2010  2:35 PM

Microsoft Assurance Customers Get P2V XP Environment for Windows 7

Posted by: Ed Tittel
Microsoft offers interesting XP-to-Windows 7 option for "virtual migration", MS adds P2V tool for XP VMs/VHDs to Software Assurance line-up, Zinstall products provide a nice foil to MS Software Assurance P2V offering

I subscribe to numerous different Microsoft newsletters, to the tune of perhaps 15-20 per month (or more frequent mail-outs as the case sometimes is). Last Friday, a fascinating e-mail from Microsoft Connect showed up in my inbox. Entitled "P2V...

September 3, 2010  8:54 PM

On-again/off-again Windows 7 Family Pack On Again Soon

Posted by: Ed Tittel
2010, Windows 7 Family Pack offers 3 licenses of Windows 7 Home Premium for $150 starting October 3, Windows 7 Family Pack to resume on 10/3/2010, Windows 7 Home Premium family back is back

When Windows 7 shipped last year, Microsoft offering a so-called "Family Pack" deal on Windows 7 Home Premium for about 30 days after the GA (General Availability) date on October 22, 2009. For $150 less one penny, buyers could purchase a license that covered up to three PCs for that Windows 7...

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