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June, 2010


June 25, 2010  9:33 PM

Windows 7 Posts 150M Licenses Sold as of 6/23/2010

Posted by: Ed Tittel
7 copies of Windows 7 sell every second, Windows 7 is fastest-selling OS in history, Windows 7 sells 150M copies

Hey! Big new on Brandon LeBlanc's Windows Blog for June 23. It's entitled "150 Million Licenses of Windows 7 Sold..." and...

June 22, 2010  4:22 PM

“Please Wait” Can Mean “Wait Forever…”

Posted by: Ed Tittel
"Please wait" hang repair to be included in Windows 7 SP1, Hotfix available for "Please wait" hang, Windows 7 hangs at "Please wait"

According to MS KB Article 983551 (6/10/2010; Rev: 2.0) some computers running Windows 7 or Windows Server 2008 R2 can freeze at the "Please wait" display that precedes appearance of the desktop on your screen. Alas, because of a...

June 21, 2010  4:03 PM

Mark Russinovich Does It Again: IE Crash Diagnosed

Posted by: Ed Tittel
Russinovich debugs IE 8 crash, tracking mystery IE 8 errors back to their causes, useful exposure of MS Windows Debugger and Sysinternals Process Explorer

I've been a tremendous fan of Windows maven Mark Russinovich for over a decade now. In addition to his fabulous SysInternals utilities, he's done more for me (and most other ordinary Windows users) to help...

June 16, 2010  8:57 PM

Network and Server Shenanigans Continue

Posted by: Ed Tittel
HP tech support comes through with a simple fix, MSS EX-495 has interesting UPnP issues, MSS now working properly

In my most recent blog "More Interesting Windows Network Troubleshooting" I recount some recent and both interesting and vexing issues I encountered...

June 14, 2010  7:46 PM

More Interesting Windows Network Troubleshooting

Posted by: Ed Tittel
interesting D620 notebook network access issue, slow MSS backup reveals Vista GbE networking issue, troubleshooting network throughput issues, Win7 trumps Vista one more time

OK, so I had to replace my trusty HP EX-475 MediaSmart Server because its network interface was stuck in beaconing mode. That is, as soon as I plugged the GbE interface for the device into a switch, the rest of the network went down because of its frantic, non-stop broadcast of DHCP Discover...

June 11, 2010  5:00 PM

Another take on Win7 SP1: Not until 2011

Posted by: Ed Tittel
rumors of Windows 7 SP1 delay, Windows 7 SP1, Windows 7 SP1 may be delayed until 2011

I follow Paul Thurrot's various Windows information outlets at least weekly, if not more often than that (SuperSite, WinInfo,

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June 9, 2010  2:08 PM

10 Security Bulletins for Patch Tuesday, June 2010

Posted by: Ed Tittel
lots of Win7 impact from Patch Tuesday June 2010, Patch Tuesday June 2010

Yesterday afternoon, I ran Windows Update some time after lunch to get the latest set of Patch Tuesday updates for my many and varied Windows machines. None of these boxes downloaded less than 6 updates, and some grabbed as many as 16, depending on what they were running and which applications they...

June 8, 2010  7:41 PM

Is this the sound of a shoe dropping? Windows 7 SP1 goes beta in July

Posted by: Ed Tittel
Windows 7 SP1 beta announced at TechEd, Windows 7 SP1 beta on or before July 31

On June 7 at TechEd in New Orleans, Microsoft went public with an announcement that a beta version of the Service Pack 1 for Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 will be available " the end of July" (read more about this in Gavriella Shuster's

June 3, 2010  1:49 PM

Network Nightmares Reinforce Troubleshooting Skills

Posted by: Ed Tittel
DHCP failure, home network goes on vacation, Windows networking

When I got up on Monday morning, Memorial Day, my wife Dina let me know she couldn't access the Internet. "No big deal" I thought to myself: "Either I'll reset the cable modem or the router and all will be well." Not only was that wrong, wrong, wrong, but unbeknownst to me, I was about to embark on...


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