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December, 2009

December 30, 2009  3:40 PM

Interesting Win7 ROI tool

Posted by: Ed Tittel
Alinean Windows 7 ROI tool, Windows 7 migration, Windows 7 ROI, Windows 7 ROI tool, Windows 7 upgrade

Earlier this week, Nick Eaton posted an interesting blurb to the Seattle Post Intelligencer. Entitled "Windows 7 ROI tool estimates cost savings," it pointed me to a free Microsoft-sponsored financial tool at...

December 28, 2009  7:01 PM

Upgrade to Win7 Using a “Standard Image”

Posted by: Ed Tittel
upgrading a PC from a standard Windows 7 image, Windows 7 standard image, Windows 7 upgrade

Organizations seeking to upgrade up to 200 desktops to Windows 7 will want to check out this Small and Midsize Business Corner article on TechNet "Upgrading to Windows 7 with a Standard Image:...

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December 25, 2009  3:31 PM

Merry Christmas Everyone

Posted by: Ed Tittel
enterprise Windows Desktop, Enterprise Windows Desktop Christmas Wishes 2009

This isn't a real blog post. Rather, it's a quickie digital Christmas card from me and my family to you and yours. Let me briefly extend the best wishes of the season to one and all, with hopes that everybody has their wishes fulfilled, and at least one pleasant surprise to digest. This goes double...

December 22, 2009  3:32 PM

Finally, my Windows 7 Production PC gets into the groove

Posted by: Ed Tittel
achieving stable production PC status on Windows 7, fixing Windows 7 driver problems, Windows 7 stability index, Windows Reliability Monitor

Anybody who's followed this blog for any length of time knows that I've fought my battles with both Vista and Windows 7, in terms of making my production PC stable and reliable. Today, I'm very happy to report that my production machine has finally achieved and held a 10.0 Stability Index for at...

December 18, 2009  1:59 PM

Technet Flash Comes Through With Some Xmas Goodies

Posted by: Ed Tittel
Microsoft Christmas goodies, Xmas 2009

I subscribe to lots of Microsoft email newsletters, including the Technet Flash. This morning I found the latest issue in my inbox when I logged onto my machine. And although this newsletter doesn't always deliver an overflowing cornucopia of goodies, it usually contains at least one or two items...

December 16, 2009  2:59 PM

You have 4 minutes to speak…

Posted by: Ed Tittel
Cecilia K Tittel 1919-2009, in memoriam Cecilia K. Tittel

Yesterday, I delivered the eulogy at my Mom’s funeral at Arlington National Cemetery where she was interred with full military honors, including a funeral service, a procession to the gravesite with horse-drawn caisson and marching band, and a deeply moving interment ceremony with the flag...

December 13, 2009  4:36 PM

Is Patch Tuesday Still Patch Tuesday?

Posted by: Ed Tittel
Microsoft Update, out-of-cycle Microsoft updates, Patch Tuesday, TechRepublic MS Windows blog

For the past 5 years, Microsoft has made a policy of releasing non-emergency patches and security fixes on the first Tuesday of the month. The idea is to limit the frequency and standardize the interval at which organizations — especially, larger ones that must pick up, test, and decide whether...

December 11, 2009  4:35 PM

Interesting Doings Around the Windows 7 USB DVD Download Tool

Posted by: Ed Tittel
patch for non-Win7 ISO files, Rafael Rivera Rafael's Within Windows, Windows 7 USB DVD Download Tool, Windows 7 USB DVD Download Tool ISO file patcher

On November 2, 2009, I blogged about the Windows 7 USB DVD Download Tool, then available from the MS Store. In the meantime, a bit of a fracas has...

December 9, 2009  6:13 PM

Interesting Secunia Patch Maneuver

Posted by: Ed Tittel
MS Office PowerPoint Viewer 2007 security update requires interesting maneuvers to install, Secunia Corporate Software Inspector, Secunia CSI, Secunia Personal Software Inspector, Secunia PSI

On my home network, I use Secunia Personal Software Inspector (PSI) on all of my Windows machines to make sure they keep up with the latest and greatest updates to the OS, Microsoft Office, and other applications — especially those from Adobe (all kinds of tools and browswer add-ins), Sun (Java),...

December 6, 2009  4:12 PM

What black screen of death?

Posted by: Ed Tittel
Windows 7, Windows 7 black screen of death, Windows 7 black screen of death rumor, Windows 7 blue screen of death, Windows 7 BSOD, Windows 7 KSOD

Gosh! I love Ed Bott (as a Windows maven that is: I'm a happily married man ;-). His commentary on the IDG story that broke on Monday, 11/30 is right on the money and lays the situation out in stark, harsh, no-nonsense terms. As did most other Windows followers, I saw the initial story early Monday...

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