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August, 2009

August 28, 2009  2:52 PM

Fascinating MS Crash Forensics Expose

Posted by: Ed Tittel
Windows 7, Windows 7 bug resolution, Windows 7 chkdsk crash, Windows 7 error reporting, Windows 7 quality control

Right around the same time that Windows RTM was posted to TechNet and MSDN (August 6), reports began to surface that Windows 7 was suffering a bluescreen when users would run the CHKDSK utility with the /r switch selected (which locates bad sectors and recovers readable data from them). See this...

August 27, 2009  9:52 PM

Why doesn’t Windows 7 post a reliability index any more?

Posted by: Ed Tittel
Windows 7 reliability index reporting, Windows 7 Reliability Monitor, Windows 7 shows no numeric reliability index value

[caption id="attachment_470" align="aligncenter" width="447" caption="No numeric index value appears in the Win7 Reliability Monitor"]

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August 27, 2009  8:52 PM

Interesting antics with Windows 7 printer access

Posted by: Ed Tittel
Windows 7 and use of UNC device names, Windows 7 homegroups, Windows 7 network printer access, Windows 7 printer sharing

Part of what I've been learning lately as I slowly but surely upgrade all of my PCs to Windows 7 has been about the dynamics of working with networking/LAN resource access. Although my understanding of homegroups and printer access has been proved more right than wrong in concept of late, my recent...

August 24, 2009  2:16 PM

First casualty of Windows 7: HP LaserJet 4M PS 600dpi Printer

Posted by: Ed Tittel
HP LaserJet 4M Plus drivers for Windows 7, Samsung ML-2851ND workgroup laser printer, Windows 7 update printer drivers, Windows 7 upgrade

Back in 1994, I traded a copy of NetWare 4 50-user with a reseller for a brand-new HP LaserJet 4M 600-dpi PostScript model. It's stuck with me through two versions of Windows NT (3.51 and 4.0), Windows 2000, XP, and Vista, plus Windows Server versions through 2008 (R1). I was pleased to be able to...

August 19, 2009  9:05 PM

OK, this time’s for real: Vista to Win7 Ultimate Upgrade

Posted by: Ed Tittel
migrating from Windows Vista to Windows 7, Windows 7 upgrade install, Windows Vista Ultimate to Windows 7 Ultimate upgrade

At about 10 this morning, I started working on the upgrade from Windows Vista Ultimate to Windows 7 Ultimate. As always, my efforts began with an image backup, so that in case anything went wrong, I could get myself back to where I started without too much muss or fuss. This time, I used the...

August 17, 2009  6:58 PM

Bungled BIOS Upgrade Leads to New Test Install

Posted by: Ed Tittel
Windows 7 driver issues, Windows 7 upgrade, Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor beta, Windows 7 Visual Studio 2008 minor issue

Last Thursday, I suffered a BIOS flash problem on my primary test machine that resulted in a completely dead motherboard: no post, no action at startup except for lights and fan up, followed by an immediate shutdown. A little research showed that my Asus P5K is one of a very few modern motherboards...

August 14, 2009  12:15 PM

Windows 7 Integrates Repair Console

Posted by: Ed Tittel
Windows 7 installation and setup, Windows 7 repair install, Windows 7 system recovery options, Windows 7 WinPE OS repair, Windows 7 WinPE startup repair

Starting with Windows XP, but especially in Windows Vista, I learned to appreciate the Windows Repair Console. This utility made itself available through the Windows install media, and could be elected after booting from the CD or DVD for one of those OSes through striking the R key to initiate a...

August 12, 2009  7:25 PM

First Windows 7 Snag Rears Its Head, But Not Too Ugly

Posted by: Ed Tittel
Windows 7 black screen, Windows 7 driver problem, Windows 7 KSOD, Windows 7 NVidia driver problem

Having upgraded my primary production machine to Windows 7 over the weekend (see my recent ViztaView blog for those details) I'm now really settling in with the new OS and...

August 10, 2009  4:21 PM

TechNet on Windows 7 Upgrade and Migration

Posted by: Ed Tittel
production PC migration to Windows 7, TechNet: Step-by-Step Widnows 7 Upgrade and Migration, Windows 7 migration, Windows 7 upgrade

I stumbled across an interesting TechNet Step-by-Step piece this morning as I started researching the Vista to Windows 7 migration subject. I just upgraded two machines over the weekend, in the wake of the RTM release to MSDN at noon CDT on Thursday. Once the downloads were completed (that took...

August 7, 2009  2:32 PM

Still Downloading Win7…Believe it or not!

Posted by: Ed Tittel
Windows 7 download progress, Windows 7 RTM, Windows 7 RTM download, Windows 7 RTM download on MSDN

At this very moment, I'm about 80 percent done with my first of four planned downloads for Windows 7 from MSDN. Alas, my Vista box did go to sleep last night despite the ongoing download, so it didn't resume until this morning to finish up. Now I know to turn off sleep mode on this machine until...

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