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May, 2009

May 29, 2009  7:12 PM

Post SP2-Gotcha Rears Its Ugly But Interesting Head

Posted by: Ed Tittel
Enterprise Vista, post-SP2 Vista networking bug, Windows Vista networking bug

Previously aswoon with relief at a more stable system after installing Vista SP2, I failed to notice an interesting dilemma: although I can access local area network resources, and have no trouble using the Internet, Vista thinks I'm not connected to any network. This leads to a very interesting...

May 27, 2009  4:14 PM

Windows Vista SP2 Hits the Download Center

Posted by: Ed Tittel
Enterprise Vista, enterprise Windows Vista, Windows Vista SP2 download, Windows Vista SP2 ISO download, Windows Vista SP2 x64 download, Windows Vista SP2 x86 download

With a publication date of 5/25/2009, Windows Vista Service Pack 2 actually hit the Microsoft Download Center yesterday (5/26/2009). It's official title is "

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May 24, 2009  6:26 PM

Microsoft Office 2010 Technical Preview Leaks

Posted by: Ed Tittel
MS Office 2010 technical preview; MS Office 2010 leaked screenshots

Last week, starting May 15, the pre-release version of the forthcoming MS Office 2010 started to make its way into a select group of invited participants as part of Microsoft's Technical Preview (whose official pre-release date isn't until July). As has become typical for such previews, no sooner...

May 22, 2009  4:40 PM

Vista SP2 Push Still Some Ways Out

Posted by: Ed Tittel
Enterprise Vista, enterprise Windows Vista, Windows Vista SP2, Windows Vista SP2 avialability, Windows Vista SP2 on Windows Update

Although Microsoft released Windows Vista SP2 to manufacturing (RTM) on April 29, and to MSDN and TechNet subscribers in early May, it's still not available for download elsewhere. As of this morning, neither the Microsoft...

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May 20, 2009  6:46 PM

Unusual AV Package Makes the Scene

Posted by: Ed Tittel
Enterprise Vista, intergalactic Vista, Klingon UI, Sophost Threat Detect Test

One of the great joys of writing a blog is that the author gets to choose the topic, no matter how odd, weird, or unusual it might be. Though its relevance to enterprise Vista is, I freely and cheerfully admit, tangential at best I simply had to chime in about the new

May 15, 2009  11:45 PM

Guided Tour: Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor

Posted by: Ed Tittel
Enterprise Vista, enterprise Windows 7, Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor beta

The beta version of the Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor is ready for download. You can check it for yourself if you like, but here's a guided tour through a (slam-dunk) installation and scan. I picked a system already loaded for...

May 14, 2009  4:49 PM

Vista SP2 vs. chronic low-grade Vista errors

Posted by: Ed Tittel
destkop Vista, Enterprise Vista, Windows Vista Event Viewer, Windows Vista reliability, Windows Vista SP2, Windows Vista stability

Now that I've been living with Vista SP2 for three whole days, I'm getting some experience with the new environment on some production machines. I did encounter a situation where SP2 froze at 48% through its Phase 1 (of 3) changes prior to the restart between Phase 2 (before restart) and Phase 3...

May 11, 2009  5:03 PM

Which format for UFDs?

Posted by: Ed Tittel
Enterprise Vista, exFAT, FAT12, FAT16, FAT32, FAT64, formatting UFDs in Windows 7, formatting UFDs in Windows Vista, NTFS

I'm helping to revise a book on Windows 7 right now. By well-known Windows mavens Brian Knittel and Bob Cowart, it's to be called Windows 7 in Depth (Pearson, 2009, ISBN: 0789741997). In...

May 9, 2009  3:17 PM

Bitten by the “Eval” nature of Vista SP2 RC?

Posted by: Ed Tittel
Enterprise Vista, upgrading from Windows Vista SP2 RC to final release version, Windows Vista, Windows Vista SP2, Windows Vista SP2 RC, Windows Vista SP2 RC expiration date, Windows Vista SP2 release candidate

In my frenzy to test and evaluate Vista SP2 for stability I built myself a test system around the slipstreamed version of Vista x64 SP2 RC available from MSDN for download to subscribers. And while my results were overall positive--FWIW, SP2 seems to add significantly to Vista stability and...

May 6, 2009  1:31 PM

Microsoft’s MED-V Goes Win7′s “XP Mode” Several Better

Posted by: Ed Tittel
enterprise PC virtualization, Enterprise Vista, enterprise Vista desktop, enterprise Windows 7, enterprise Windows 7 desktop, MED-V, Microsoft Assurance, Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack, Microsoft Enterprise Desktop Virtualization

Way back in February I blogged here about Microsoft Enterprise Desktop Virtualization, aka MED-V. In the past few weeks, Microsoft has announced that...

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