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January 28, 2008  5:21 PM

VLAN tagging for ESX virtual machines: Making the case

Posted by: Rick Vanover
Networking, Rick Vanover, VI3, VMware ESX

VLAN trunking, or tagging, is a powerful feature that allows ESX virtual machines to connect to multiple networks. However, your network team may not want to enable that. In fact, I have come across many situations where trunking is not done to servers, but only to switches for VLAN availability....

January 17, 2008  5:28 PM

VMware ESX Server training video released

Posted by: David Davis
VI3, Virtualization, VMware ESX

Besides being an IT Knowledge Exchange Blogger and author with VCP and CCIE certifications, I also create video training courses. Recently, I created a video training course covering VMware ESX Server, VirtualCenter and the VMware Infrastructure Suite. This is a 15-hour video...

January 17, 2008  4:05 PM

Monitoring the Virtual Infrastructure for authentication attempts with Perl

Posted by: Akutz
Andrew Kutz, VI3, Virtualization

Rick Vanover recently wrote a terrific blog on how to monitor the VI database for authentication attempts. While you can certainly monitor the database...

January 16, 2008  8:42 PM

ESX 3.5: Configuring for HA errors

Posted by: Rick Vanover
Rick Vanover, SQL, VI3, Virtualization, VMware ESX, VMware High Availability (VMware HA)

I recently upgraded to ESX 3.5 on a test system, and had an issue that was really stressing me out. The issue was that each time I would perform the "Reconfigure for HA" task, I had errors causing the task to fail and the new ESX host sits there with a red triangle like a car broken down on the...

January 14, 2008  4:25 AM

Monitor the Virtual Infrastructure Database for authentication attempts

Posted by: Rick Vanover
Rick Vanover, SQL, VI3, Virtualization, VMware ESX

Because VMware ESX and Virtual Center (VC) have great magnitude in the datacenter, I determined it would be a good idea to have an audit trail of authentication attempts in to the Virtual Infrastructure Client and SSH on the host. In my recently upgraded VC 2.5 environment, I made a quick trip to...

January 14, 2008  4:23 AM

Printing a VI server’s inventory

Posted by: Akutz
Andrew Kutz, VI3, Virtualization

Here is a quick Perl script I wrote to print out your VI server's (VC or ESX) inventory. I know what you're thinking, "Um, aren't there already examples that do this?" Yes and no. See, most examples you find, including VMware's own, will print out all the VMs or the VI hierarchy as defined by the...

January 10, 2008  7:17 PM

VI SDK examples, logging out in style with Java

Posted by: Akutz
Andrew Kutz, VI3, Virtualization

Over the past few weeks many users have begun to e-mail me asking for not just help with the VI SDK, but code examples as well. I am more than happy to help, but I want to be able to help as many people as I can. To that end I have decided to post all of my code examples online for everyone's...

January 9, 2008  5:14 PM

Provisioning for networking redundancy with VMware ESX, VirtualCenter 2.5

Posted by: Rick Vanover
Rick Vanover, VI3, Virtualization, VMware ESX

When planning your next VMware ESX server installation that will be managed by VirtualCenter 2.5, make sure you provision for redundant networking for the ESX service console port. VirtualCenter 2.5 gives you a warning if you only have one interface assigned as the role of service console port, but...

January 3, 2008  7:46 PM

Use disconnected network adapters for build and stage: Save yourself

Posted by: Rick Vanover
Networking, Rick Vanover, VI3, Virtualization, VMware ESX

In VMware ESX, you can configure a guest operating system to have its network adapter disconnected at power on. This is critically important for a phase of a physical to virtual (P2V) migration where the system is migrated yet there are some offline tasks to be done. This can also be during a build...

January 2, 2008  9:45 PM

Introducing Monét

Posted by: Akutz
Andrew Kutz, VI3

Monét (as in “Count de…”) stands for “Monitors Events and Tasks” and monitors an ESX or VirtualCenter server, recording tasks to standard out, a syslog server, or a Windows event log server. For example, the following is an example of the VI Perl version of Monét monitoring my...

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