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May 8, 2008  8:41 PM

Why you should upgrade to VI3 Update 1

Posted by: Rick Vanover
Rick Vanover, VI3, VMware Converter, VMware ESX, VMware High Availability (VMware HA)

VMware Infrastructure 3 Update 1, made available on April 10 2008, introduces some core updates to ESX Server 3.5, VirtualCenter 2.5, and the VMware Infrastructure Management Installer. The biggest reason to upgrade, however, is the inclusion of

May 6, 2008  3:50 PM

VMware’s convenient truth; virtualization lowers greenhouse gas emissions, power costs

Posted by: Bridget Botelho
DataCenter, Uncategorized, VI3, Virtualization

VMware, Inc. released a statement today pushing the point that consumers can significantly reduce CO2 emissions and data center power consumption using virtualization. The company reports that...

May 5, 2008  7:39 PM

Avoid VMware Converter mixed version gotchas

Posted by: Rick Vanover
Rick Vanover, VI3, Virtualization, VMware ESX

For those of you who have come to use VMware Converter as part of your virtualization migration you probably had at least one conversion that failed for reasons you may not be able to explain. Since the release of VMware Converter 3.02 Update 1 in December of 2007 and in conjunction with the...

April 24, 2008  3:11 PM

VirtualCenter custom roles for delegated access

Posted by: Rick Vanover
DataManagement, Rick Vanover, VI3, VMware ESX

The built-in roles for access to VirtualCenter and the managed objects are okay for many common scenarios, but some situations require additional configuration. In some cases, creating custom roles has been a viable solution. Here is how I created a role that would allow a user only to view a...

April 21, 2008  7:53 PM

VMware releases official plug-in guide

Posted by: Akutz
Andrew Kutz, VI3, Virtualization

Congratulations to the VMware engineering team releasing the official guide to creating VMware plugins. Their awesome, hard work is culminated in the document

April 21, 2008  4:25 PM

VirtualCenter virtual machine removal best practices

Posted by: Rick Vanover
Rick Vanover, Storage, VI3, Virtualization, VMware ESX

Creating virtual machines (VMs) is quite easy, but how you remove them can make a big difference in storage space. When removing a virtual machine, one popular method is to move the virtual machine to a resource pool with no assigned memory or processor resources. There are some concerns and...

April 10, 2008  3:37 PM

Double-check your HBAs on ESX 3.02 with IBM SVC connectivity

Posted by: Rick Vanover
Rick Vanover, VI3, Virtualization

Like many administrators, I have been quite happy with the performance of my ESX environment. However, we recently had an observation that avoided a potentially disastrous issue. In my environment, I am using an

April 7, 2008  8:01 PM

Get answers to all of your ESX/VirtualCenter questions

Posted by: Akutz
Andrew Kutz, VI3, Virtualization

This PDF has been a long time coming. It is a a document that lists just about every maximum value to do with VI3 possible. For example, how many iSCSI HBAs can you install on one ESX host? This document covers about 80% of the questions I receive on VMware a week, "How much/many of X does...

March 24, 2008  5:54 PM

VirtualCenter 2.5 database issue during upgrade

Posted by: Rick Vanover
Rick Vanover, SQL, SQL Server, VI3

Last week, I wrote about about the database index defragmentation. I discussed reading the scan index and that if the percentage is poor, a defragmentation or index rebuild...

March 11, 2008  3:55 PM

VirtualCenter 2.5 database index defragmentation

Posted by: Rick Vanover
Andrew Kutz, Database, Rick Vanover, SQL, SQL Server, VI3, Virtualization

I, like many virtualization administrators, have worked very hard to get the VMware virtual environment set up and running as expected. Now, one of my main tasks is to make sure that we do not do anything to adversely effect server performance. A good place to start in this regard is the...

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