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June 24, 2008  8:52 PM

Choosing a block size when creating VMFS datastores

Posted by: Eric Siebert
Eric Siebert, VI3, VMware ESX

When you create a VMFS datastore on your VMware ESX servers many administrators select the default 1MB block size without knowing when or why to change it. The block size determines the minimum amount of disk space that any file will take up on VMFS datastores. So an 18KB log file will actually...

June 17, 2008  3:04 PM

Ensure VMware Infrastructure Client is current

Posted by: Rick Vanover
Rick Vanover, VI3, Virtualization, VMware ESX

When VMware issued VirtualCenter 2.5 Update 1 and ESX 3.5 Update 1 in April of this year, I felt that this release was mature enough to upgrade my environment. One observation I have made is related to the VMware Infrastructure Client (VIC) versioning. The

June 11, 2008  4:13 PM

Upgrading VirtualCenter does not update certificate store

Posted by: Rick Vanover
Rick Vanover, VI3, Virtualization

When logging into the VMware Infrastructure Client (VIC) or using the web interface to the VirtualCenter server, you are presented with a certificate message. Best practice or not, I usually accept the certificate and instruct the software to not ask me again about this topic. I have just completed...

May 26, 2008  1:51 AM

Friends don’t let friends, like VMware, act like Google

Posted by: Akutz
Andrew Kutz, VI3, Virtualization, VMware ESX, VMware High Availability (VMware HA)

I like VMware. I like Google. Heck, both of them keep me more than busy with development ideas. But I have a problem with them. Google started it with Gmail. Although it is hard to remember now, Gmail was in beta forever. Oh wait, it still is? Huh. I guess I just figured it *must* have hit...

May 23, 2008  3:31 PM

VMware’s Virtualization Forum 2008 in New York vendor centric

Posted by: Bridget Botelho
DataCenter, Uncategorized, VI3, Virtualization

When attending a vendor sponsored conference, you expect that most - or all - of the sessions will focus on that vendor's products along with partner products. So, I wasn't all that surprised when I found that to be the case at

May 20, 2008  5:22 PM

Use VI3 maps to visualize storage distribution

Posted by: Rick Vanover
Rick Vanover, Storage, VI3, Virtualization, VMware ESX

You may not have used the maps feature within the VMware Infrastructure Client because large environments become difficult to decipher. The maps view has become an important part of visualizing certain elements of the overall configuration of an ESX environment. One of the more useful mapping views...

May 19, 2008  8:27 PM

VMware announces new desktop virtualization services, thin client certification

Posted by: Bridget Botelho
DataCenter, Desktop virtualization, VI3, Virtualization, VMware Desktop Infrastructure

VMware, Inc. recently made two announcements surrounding its Virtual Desktop Infrastruture (VDI) product--a new certification program for thin client devices,...

May 19, 2008  7:36 PM

VMware versus the mainframe

Posted by: Atrujillo
VI3, VMware ESX

Bogomil Balkansky, Senior Product Marketing Manager at VMware, gave the keynote address at the VMware virtualization forum a couple of weeks ago in New York City. His presentation focused on how...

May 12, 2008  7:35 PM

VMware releases management and automation products, new bundles

Posted by: Bridget Botelho
DataCenter, VI3, Virtualization, VMware pricing

Palo Alto-based VMware, Inc. made three product announcements today; its disaster recovery software, VMware Site Recovery Manager will be available for orders next week, VMware Stage...

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May 8, 2008  8:45 PM

VMotion and RDMs

Posted by: Akutz
Andrew Kutz, VI3, Virtualization

Yesterday I was a speaker at "Virtualization: Getting from Pilot to Production." During my second session I claimed that you could VMotion a virtual machine (VM) that uses a Raw Device Mapping (RDM) to access a raw...

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